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Interesting Ride of Life

My life has been quite ridiculous and I absolutely love it. I stopped blogging after graduation and my life completely changed since! The biggest life changing moment for me was working as a camp counselor this summer.

I have never learned so much about myself than I did at this job. Some of the things that I learned this summer

  1. I am a person that is most likely to brighten someone’s day
  2. When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work
  3. I know even more now that I want to be a mother one day and to have many children
  4. I learned I wasn’t being given the attention I deserved from my significant other
  5. I had been holding out for years on being true to myself
  6. I lost my sense of humor and laughter and this summer I found it again
  7. I learned that the person I was with was not who I was meant to spend my future with
  8. I learned that he was an amazing friend but we had lost our relationship and had a friendship instead
  9. I learned to laugh again, love to run again and learned to appreciate myself
  10. I learned to not be afraid to make a fool of yourself, especially if it makes people laugh


I feel this was perfect timing to regain who I was as a person because I was embarking on a brand new journey in my life. I just graduated with my undergraduate degree in Dietetics and received an amazing opportunity to work with the Mizzou athletes as the Sports Nutrition Graduate Assistant.

I moved to Columbia as a single, independent, recent graduate, ready to embark on a brand new life.

I have only been working my new job for three months now but I’ve already learned even more than I ever thought.

  1. I am learning how it feels to be single and how to do things on my own
  2. I’ve appreciated time more than ever before
  3. I’ve learned how to work under pressure and be thrown into the fire
  4. I’ve learned to be completely comfortable speaking in front of large groups
  5. I’m constantly learning how to better myself and learning valuable life lessons
  6. This job will prepare me for anything I ever decide to do in life
  7. I absolutely love my coworkers and can call them my second family
  8. I’m slowly learning to put myself out there into the nightlife when I get time off on the weekends
  9. I’m trying to find time for a social life and realizing how important it is to have
  10. I’ve learned that laughter and jokes keep you sane and that people that take life too seriously do not belong in my life
  11. I will surround myself with positivity and leave negativity in the dust
  12. Realizing the great opportunity I have been given and never taking it for granted
  13. Really finding out who my true friends are and how much I love and care for my family


I honestly couldn’t think of any other opportunity that could be as beneficial for my future career than the job I have currently and just am so blessed to be a part of it.

I will try and be semi consistent in blog posts, but I can’t promise anything since I do lead a busy life. Smile


A few changes will be made!

So I think this week will have a theme. Since summertime is approaching quite quickly, it’s time to start getting excited!!

Monday: Summer Races
Tuesday: Summer Eats
Wednesday: Summer Reads
Thursday: Summer Activities
Friday: Summer Changes to Blog

Summer Races
Obviously will talk about some race ideas for the summer.

Summer Eats
Will take requests on what you’d like to see me eating. Also will have a list of things I want to try over the summer.

Summer Reads
Books I want to finish over the summer. I’ll have lots of time 🙂 Will also take suggestions

Summer Activities
Will share what things I will be doing over the summer.

Summer Changes to Blog
Will take requests on things you’d like to see happen over the summer. Whether blog related, or just things in general you want me to try out.


Things happening this week:

Will start documenting food again.
Will have a training plan again
Will challenge you to challenge me!

Challenge you to challenge me!

I think each week I will accept a challenge/challenges from you guys. Whether it’s a challenge for the blog on what you’d like to see, or a challenge physical like doing so many pushups/crunches a week. Or try more yoga etc. Anything you’d like me to do and I will see what I can do! 🙂 So send in your challenges or ideas of things you want me to do!


almond milk here

Things that make me happy

– Thinking about summer
– Having bagels again to eat for breakfast
– My lovely readers and their comments