How Fabletics Stole My Heart

I’m sure we all have noticed monthly subscription boxes that are booming everywhere it seems. Whether it’s home items, makeup, clothing or food, there seems to be something for everyone. My former roommate was a Stitchfix fan. I will admit, I lived vicariously through her each month and watched her model the items and decide which ones to keep and send back. I thought to myself how much fun that was, but I couldn’t afford something like that. I’m a clearance rack shopper, especially as a student with loan debt and no income. However, there is something I have a weakness to and that is athletic clothes. So about a year ago I noticed Fabletics and thought about how I would love to try it out. Not only do I practically live in athletic clothes, but my future career is in athletics so you can pretty much find me in workout gear 24/7.

I started my dietetic internship in January and was located to a very small town that pretty much has a Walmart and JCPenney. I knew I wouldn’t be doing much shopping but still wanted to get my workout gear fix. So I thought, now is the perfect time to try out this monthly subscription.

Why I LOVE Fabletics

  • You don’t have to buy anything each monthfebruary pick
  • You get to see items before you buy
  • You can return anything you don’t like
  • You get points for purchases and reviewing products. Your points now go to redeeming other clothing items
  • You have 5 days to decide if you want to buy anything from the month, if not you skip the month and no charges are billed to you
  • The clothes are incredibly soft and thick enough material similar to Lululemon (no see through pants here!)
  • Customer service is great and they have a live chat with very helpful representatives!
  • I love Kate Hudson, need I say more

I read that the collections were 75% off and if you got a VIP membership you received all the perks above and a whole outfit for under $25. My first outfit only cost $17 which was worth it to me to try and get 3 items. Even if I hated them, I could cancel the membership or skip each month whenever I wanted. So I truly influence everyone to try at least one month!

So then each month you receive an email with your month’s choices picked out for you, along with more suggestions if you don’t like your specific outfits picked for you.

fabletics picks


I have partapril pickicipated in two months so far and skipped one in the middle.

Some cons to Fabletics

  • Items tend to be sold out if they have been around for awhile
  • Sometimes items tend to look very similar, which is why I skipped one month

However they had so many new choices for the month of May, I had too many decisions to choose just one outfit. I am torn between these two options.

fabletics choices

So if you love workout clothes as much as me, then you should definitely try Fabletics at least for the first month with the discounted outfits and you can always cancel!

There is no fee to join or become a VIP member, but these are the perks you get for joining as a VIP member, so why wouldn’t you?






National Eating Disorder Awareness Week: Personal Story

This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Having interest in the nutrition field, this was always an area that I was interested in learning about. I started reading books about real life stories, listened to people tell their battles with eating disorders and continued to gain knowledge in the area. I never had a diagnosed eating disorder, but I definitely struggled with my body image in college. It didn’t really seem like anything at the time, but now as I gained weight in the past year and a half and look back on old pictures, I realize I am still struggling.

1936926_1113203952824_29523_n I’ve never had any issues with food. Let’s be real, food is my love. But I can’t honestly look back at pictures of my collegiate running and say “wow, you look healthy.” I look back now and think, “wow, that is not okay.” Why is it not okay? Because I thought I was big. I’m not sure if all runners do this, but I would look at my teammates and think they were smaller than me in size. It wasn’t until I saw pictures of us up next to each other, that no, I was actually smaller, but yet I couldn’t see that at the time.

Then you start wondering if you could be faster if you weighed less, because your teammate is smaller, IMG_9689_thumb[3]or so you think, and they are faster. It’s like a morphed image of your body and that is what I struggled with. Then having your boyfriend at the time tell you that you need to put in extra work. This same person you have been with since high school, so they must know your body better than you right? So if they think you need to do more ab work, extra mileage or not eat that ice cream because you don’t deserve it, then you think you must not look okay.

IMG_9692_thumb[3]I went through that. I went through the guilt of skipping one run. I lost a relationship because I couldn’t live with that the rest of my life. I don’t need someone making me feel bad about not doing something when I’m already doing so much. Now we flash forward a year and a half later and I’ve gained almost 40 pounds. Once again, I’m struggling with body image. Because if I thought I was big weighing 107 pounds running at the collegiate level, then I must really be huge weighing 144 pounds. But why do I feel I need to get small enough to fit into my old clothes, when they weren’t even an acceptable size to begin with. A kids large in nike tempo shorts, or kids large in denim shorts, are probably not what a 24 year old should be wearing.

I think it is now, after fully focusing on a healthy lifestyle, getting adequate amounts of sleep, eating appropriately while still eating my favorite foods without restricting or feeling bad, and finding a good balance of running and lifting that I am happy with, has truly put me at peace with the way I look. It should’ve never taken any of that to be at peace with the way I look. But the fact is, a lot of people struggle, and jokes or comments about body appearance can really tear someone down if they are already struggling with their body.IMG_3713

I don’t need anyone in my life to make me feel bad about any of the choices I make regarding my body and I definitely don’t need someone judging the way I look either. Why? Because I am extremely content and I will continue what I am doing to reach the goals I have for myself because it’s what I want to do, not what any one else wants.

Photo Feb 26, 5 48 46 PM

The point of this was just to create awareness of the things that people could be going through, because I know many people have no idea that I struggled with body image, because how could someone so happy and smile so much have anything negative going on in their life? Just thought I would share.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Here’s to the Next Chapter

December 20th was more than just graduation day, and I didn’t really realize that, until now. If you know me or have been following this blog, you know that I had the incredible opportunity to work my dream job as a Sports Nutritionist right after I graduated with my undergraduate degree from Southeast Missouri State University. As I lived it out for a very busy 1.5 years, I knew I was learning so much about sports nutrition, but also about life and developing myself. However, I didn’t realize how much this experience would truly help in my next journey, until now.


This blog hasn’t been updated in a very long time, because I was consumed in an amazing experience. One of which I didn’t mind the 14 hour work days or the occasional 7 days a week of work. I didn’t mind because I was surrounded by incredible people and I could be myself once again and not worry about how that came off. I was able to keep who I was, but improve on it. Prior to my job at Mizzou, I struggled. My last two years of my undergraduate degree I lost a sense of who I was, lost my laugh, was in a state where it was rare that I felt like myself. That summer after graduation, it began to come back as I was surrounded by children who taught me so many things about life and every day was filled with smiles and laughter. The same thing happened during my time at Mizzou.

IMG_6322 IMG_5747 IMG_5630

I am now onto my next journey of life that is the last step to my dream job as a Sports Dietitian. I am living in Oklahoma for 8 months to complete my clinical, community and management rotations for my dietetic internship so I can become eligible to take my exam and become registered.


This week we had orientation and as we went through our handbook, I realized my mentor prepared me in more ways than she realized, I’m sure. The situations she put me in throughout my time at Mizzou, have instilled confidence in myself going into this internship and a lot of the things that are expected of us, are things I have already experienced and know how to handle or approach when they come up.

IMG_8060 IMG_8013 IMG_7984

I’m extremely excited to start this internship and learn even more about nutrition to help my future. I’m beyond blessed with how everything is happening for me and the inspirational and motivational people I have met that not only teach me but bring out the best in me. I’m thankful to have my smile and laugh back and hopefully can keep it throughout the next 8 months.

Cheers to new beginnings and onto another adventure!


Motivational Monday #14




Sunday 10/19: 13.2 miles Rock N Roll STL Half Marathon (post to come)

Monday 10/20: 2.18 miles
20:03 – average pace 9:12/mile
Shake out run: 9:18 – 9:12
Wednesday 10/22: 2.09 miles
17:07 – average pace 8:09/mile
Shake out run: 8:04 – 8:16







Comprehensive exams and my last semester of my master’s degree have taken over my small amount of free time I had in the first place. But 33 pages later, my comprehensive exams are written and now I just have a few tests, assignments and papers standing between me and my master’s degree.

Don’t worry, this blog will be picking up as I soon start my next step in life at the end of December after graduation. More details on that to come! I also finished another half marathon and intend to do a nice recap for you all!


John Anderson College Ave Mile

Me: “I’m waking up in the morning to do a short run if it’s not raining.”
Kat: “Do the mile run!! I think doing a race could give you confidence and motivation again.”

So I ran the John Anderson College Ave Mile and I did gain motivation and confidence.












There wasn’t a moment prior to the race that I thought about actually running it. I didn’t have my inhaler, I was wearing a short sleeve GOTR shirt and I’ve been battling an injury.

Then Kat told me she didn’t want me to run with her and she wanted me to actually try. I would be lying if I said the mile was easy because I hit half a mile and already was winded and having difficulty breathing without my inhaler. But seeing all of the kids and a group up ahead, I attempted to make my way up to them and try to motivate them along the way and use them for motivation as well. I found a little girl to run the rest of the way with and she outkicked me in the end. It was such a great race to watch after I finished as the Mizzou Cross Country and Track team volunteered their time to run with the little kids. I was glad Kat convinced me to do this race.

I was also extremely shocked with my time. Like I said, after half a mile, I lost my momentum and just started to shut down and run with the kids. I expected a 7:45 finish time because I thought I slowed down a lot.

I crossed the line with 7:00 on the clock and a chip time of 6:54. What?! That’s where the confidence and motivation returned. If I can run a 6:54 mile without my inhaler and messed up tendons in my foot and on cold legs, then just think of what I can do when I’m healthy and trained. 10689463_10202895663177543_8139678543136704453_n

If you are close with me or follow me, you’ll know that this year was spent to training and running half marathons. I have ran 2 so far this year and have 2 left. One is coming up this Saturday but I will most likely be walking a bunch of it because of my tendon issue.

I am being optimistic in thinking I can run the whole Rock N Roll St. Louis Half marathon in October. Then after that is straight 5k training. I’ll dedicate 2015 to 5k’s and will attempt to finally break that 20 minute barrier I never could in undergrad.

Be sure to continue to follow my running journey and if you are feeling generous, please donate to the Girls on the Run charity I am raising money for. Thanks!


Dietetic Internships

If you have been a reader of this blog, or following my life at all, then you have heard me speak of dietetic internships a lot. In fact, my junior year of college, I had my choices pretty solid of where I was going to apply my senior year.

Little did I know how drastic my life would change. This was a real life moment where you realize things can change so quickly, no matter how planned out you thought you had life. You cannot plan life. Life just happens and you just go with it.

I can officially say that my DICAS applications have been turned in, which means I now wait. I wait for phone interviews and then I wait again until November 2nd when I find out my next fate.

But God has truly been sending me good vibes and patience throughout this whole process and other various things that I have needed patience with in life.


Here are things that more than just I probably need reminders about. It is truly exciting to see where my future will go and where my next adventure is! I’ll keep ya’ll updated.



Motivational Monday #12



Unfortunately I messed up my ankle and therefore haven’t been up to much running. But I just went on a short 2.6 mile run on Sunday to test it out. I am 25 days out from my half marathon here in town.


8/31: 2.61 miles
8:55 – 7:30 – 7:24 (pace for .61)

Something exciting that I did do however, is I bought the Basis activity tracker. I have been searching for a good activity tracker for a few years now. My family all had fitbit’s but they all seem to stop working at some point and I didn’t want to invest money in a product that was going to stop charging.

So my choices were:

Jawbone Up24
Polar v800

If you follow my on social media you will know that I really wanted the Polar v800. I really liked the training load component and for it to tell me how much rest was needed before my next run. It also used GPS for running. However, the $500 price tag wasn’t too appealing and I couldn’t fork over that amount on a watch that I wasn’t even sure would be accurate. I’m super picky with mileage and always rely on Garmin or the Nike running app. I’m actually going to try out Runkeeper soon, as well.

The Jawbone Up24, I like the look of it because you can wear it with dressier items and it not look awkward. I liked the vibration mode to keep you moving and wake
you up at appropriate times. It also has a lot of compatible with various apps such as MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper. The price tag of $149 was a lot better than $500.
But then I forgot about the Basis B1, which now is Basis Carbon Steel Edition. They dropped the price down to match the $149 and there are more sciency cgoing beyond simply motion basedomponents that I like. The Basis has a light sensor that can read heart rate and also skin temperature. I like the ability to see what  cycle of sleep I am in during the night and the algorithms to not count biking or typing as steps. From the reviews, I was seeing that it provides the most accurate data, even though it doesn’t provide heart rate during vigorous activity. What I also liked is it knowing when you are walking, biking or running and being able to determine that and when you are sleeping, without even pressing a button. These are all awesome qualities and will be great if they actually work. I made sure I bought from the manufacturer, just in case it isn’t all that it’s cracked out to be and then I can return it.

I wish I could review all three of these products, but unfortunately that would require money that I don’t have. So I thought I would provide my opinions from the reviews I read on each of the products. I will let you know how I like the Basis.


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Motivational Monday #11

On Mondays I used to recap my prior week of running, post motivational pictures and provide a few songs I was listening to during the week for my workouts. I would like to continue on the tradition, especially because I have hurt my ankle and am sidelined from running for a little bit, so of course I myself need motivation to workout in other ways.

I’ll catch you all up with my latest running adventures since I took most of the week off.




8/15: 4 miles
splits: 8:13 – 8:11 – 8:18 – 7:41
Total time: 32:35 – Average Pace: 8:06/mile

8/17: 3 miles in the AM
7:41 – 7:40 – 8:09
Total Time: 23:36 – Average Pace: 7:51/mile

4 mile in the PM
8:04 – 7:40 – 7:46 – 8:25
Total Time: 32:06 – Average Pace: 8:00/mile

8/19: 3 miles
8:57 – 8:45 – 8:09
Total Time: 25:58 – Average Pace: 8:38/mile
Ankle started having issues 

8/23: 1 mile
Ankle hurt at the start, but wanted to run at least a mile to see if it would work itself out. Didn’t, so I walked 1.5 miles to get some form of exercise and try and get my head right mentally.

I don’t know how you all are, but when I can’t run, or something sidelines me from running, then I get pretty depressed and frustrated. Especially because I was finally getting my fitness back and running sub 8 minute pace and am training for two half marathons. But I’ll just keep positive thoughts and bike instead until I can run again.





I absolutely love this quote - though it speaks about being fit and #working out - it can cover other aspects of healthy living!!  As for me, give me "sore" over "sorry" any day!!I NEVER REGRET IT WHEN I DO IT, BUT I ALWAYS REGRET IT WHEN I DON'T

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Q: How was your training last week?

Q: What songs are you loving recently?

Q: What do you do when you get injured?