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2014 is the Year of Travel

I claimed 2014 as the year of travel and that is exactly what it is becoming. At the age of 23, there is still so many places and things I need to do and experience. I have never really traveled alone and that’s exactly what I recently did.

This gal booked her own plane tickets to take a flight from STL to Seattle where I would meet my brother and we would drive 2 hours to Anacortes, Washington where he resides. I spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with him and then woke up at 1:30am Wednesday morning to embark on the last leg of my trip. I caught a 2:15am shuttle from Anacortes to Seattle. From Seattle I flew to San Francisco for a three hour layover and then a flight back to STL.

I’ve always been told that I have a “sparkling” personality, but I guess I started believing it when I was on my trip. Why? Because I am apparently extremely approachable. Each flight I was on, the person next to me just wanted to engage in conversation, and even during my layover where I was sitting. Not even headphones could stop these individuals from wanting to talk to me. So while I thought I would be productive and get to finish my book, or start on my paper for my nutrition course, I was instead engaging with strangers and letting them tell me all about their personal lives.

Some were more awkward than others, but if a stranger can feel comfortable telling you about their personal life then I guess that is a quality to definitely cherish about yourself.

I absolutely love traveling and hope to be able to live a life where I have the ability to see new places. I thought I would provide some pictures of my trip to you all!

IMG_1957 IMG_1981 IMG_1982 IMG_1988 IMG_1989 IMG_1991 IMG_1992 IMG_1993 IMG_1994 IMG_1995 IMG_1996 IMG_1997 IMG_1998 IMG_1999IMG_2003  IMG_2011 IMG_2018 IMG_2023 IMG_2034 IMG_2039 IMG_2040 IMG_2045 IMG_2054 IMG_2058

Too bad Graham couldn’t travel with me. I had to leave him at home. Flying into Seattle was so pretty with all of the lights shining bright. To get to baggage claim, I had to ride on a train. Alex and I exhausted and ready for bed. Our picture to send to Mom and Dad saying we safely arrived. A bloody mary bar at H20. I can now say that I don’t like bloody mary’s, but I did eat the bacon and cheese out of it. Played some pool and I can say that I’m only slightly better than I used to be, and that’s still poor. One hill to get to the top of Cap Sante where we got our picture taken and did some hiking on a few trails. Found one Geocache and signed my name. Watched Alex teach and snapped a picture of him demo-ing a bowl. Backyard picture from Alex’s friend’s house Allen and Lisa who cooked an amazing dinner for us. Bags are packed and I’m off. Mountain and sunrise shots. Cool water bottle fountain that keeps track of how many disposable bottles were saved by filling up your bottle with water from the fountain. A Speed Racer exhibit in San Francisco airport. Many other glass exhibits filled with Japanese toys. View leaving San Fran.

The con to my vacation was that I had planned my layover in San Francisco so that I could go to Starbucks and get my San Francisco collectors city mug. However, all three Starbucks were located outside of security and since I was already on the other side, I didn’t want to risk going back out and having to dump out my tea in my water bottle and going through the long line again. Especially since the gate my plane was leaving from was having issues with the plane before, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss my flight or an announcement of a gate change.

I loved traveling and getting to see my brother as well as experiencing somewhere different than Missouri for Spring Break!


Nashville Trip!

If you don’t follow me on twitter or instagram than you would not know that I was in Nashville over the weekend!

The boyfriend and I decided to get out of Cape for a little vacation. We had been to Nashville with our team but only ate downtown and wasn’t able to experience the actual nightlife.

We arrived around noon Friday and left around 2pm Saturday. We ran out of things we wanted to do which is why we left so early. Of course we could’ve stayed there forever to eat at all of the places and stay another night enjoying the night life but that would require paying for another hotel room.

We started our vacation off with the Pancake Pantry, which we were shocked we were seated right away! It is well known for having lines wrapping around the building.


pancakepantry alex

Then we shopped up and down 21st ave and checked into our hotel.


We enjoyed starbucks while walking around Vanderbilt’s gorgeous campus.

Then of course made it all the way to the Parthenon in Centennial Park, which was gorgeous.



Little Sam haha

parthenon alex

We walked back to the hotel and rested before heading downtown.

We hit up Broadway, demonbreun, commerce and church street.

A friend I work with told me I had to try the Bushwacker, which is a popular drink at Broadway Brewhouse & Mojo. It is pretty much a milkshake with a ton of alcohol. Or should I say, a ton of alcohol with a little bit of ice cream.

broadwaybrewhousebushwacker full

It tasted like straight rubbing alcohol haha, very strong and it may have been interesting standing up and walking for about 10 minutes after. Alex only had a few sips and was feeling it. So it was extremely strong.

There food was so delicious! I ordered the Fried Chicken Queso which was rice with fried chicken strips on top with a ton of queso!

fried chicken queso

Definitely will have to recreate this meal.

downtown street band

The best street band. The woman in the middle was playing the spoons and it was quite impressive, just like the others.

I was very tempted to buy these boots, but since I have no idea if I will get accepted to Florida State, I decided against it. Even though Alex really wanted me too.

florida state boots

I’ll definitely purchase those babies a year from now if it’s meant to be at FSU!

These Gameday Boots also come in Kansas Jayhawks on their website! Not as cute as the FSU ones though.

After a great night downtown we headed back to the hotel and caught some of opening ceremony! I planned a few places to go on Saturday and we went to bed.

Saturday was all about 12th Ave and East Nashville

We drove down 12th Ave and saw a cute bike shop that sold a few used bikes but mostly did repairs. Unfortunately Alex wasn’t in the mood for coffee because there was the cutest bungalow for coffee.

On our way to East Nashville we hit many detours but it was okay because we stumbled upon a bike race!

cycling road race

It was so exciting, especially when one guy started celebrating but they still had a lap left. It was hilarious and he definitely got swallowed up by the others after giving his all the lap before.

We even got free Smoothie King samples

free smoothie king

This was exciting because we had just finished watching the Olympic cycling and Alex has never seen a cycling race in person, so he loved it!

East Nashville had some whimsical shops on Woodland and Holly St. We visited some vintage thrift stores. We went to Goodbuy Girls on Woodland and then Fannie’s house of music on holly street. We also found Nashville Running Store and they were so pleasant! The store was really cool, they had a full chalkboard wall behind the register and they had drawn the olympic rings and had every running event and the date/time for each up on the wall. Alex got a Reckless running shirt of the Anthony Famiglietti track foot.

I had shown this track foot to Alex when we first started dating because I really wanted it as a tattoo if I was still running years down the line. He of course loves it as well and wants to get it as a tattoo. The shirt will do for now.

Then we found I Dream of Weenie! I was sad we had just had breakfast because it would’ve been a cute place to eat for lunch!


After shopping around East Nashville we headed back to downtown to check some stores we missed out on at night.

A homeless man set his target on us and walked right up and handed me a flower, I knew what was going to happen but he didn’t let me say no and he was standing it front of us so we couldn’t move, therefore I had to take it. Then of course he asked Alex for some money. Alex gave him $2 and sent him on his way. What a wonderful souvenir hahah.

Then we fell for the “$5 Philly Cheesesteak and fries” deal at McFadden’s Irish Pub.

We probably should’ve walked out when our shoes stuck to the floor with every step from the massive amounts of spilled alcohol the night before. We walked in and sat at the bar because that’s where most people were. After about 5 minutes sitting and not being acknowledged we got up and asked if we could sit at the booths because that would be more comfortable and to get his attention. He said, yeah sit wherever. We waited about 15 minutes before even getting menus and then were greeted by the only server working who was walking around with his shirt halfway tucked into his pants and not really caring about anything. It was a disappointing meal because the sandwich was tough and not very good at all. I did enjoy the fries, but you can’t mess up fries much.


We won’t be going back.

After eating we headed home!

After about 2 hours of driving my phone was less than 20% and it was our map, so we were going to find a rest area to use the bathroom and get the ZaggSparq to charge my phone with. We saw a Wendy’s and thought Frosty’s sounded good but we missed the exit because Alex thought I wanted water. It was a misunderstanding, but we figured there would be another Wendy’s soon. We get to Paducah and see a Wendy’s. He asks if it was worth 3.4 miles from the highway to get a Frosty and I said yes because that sounds good and he agreed.

We get to Wendy’s and use the restroom then proceed to wait in line behind a family that is taking 10 minutes to order for their children and themselves. The lady at the register wasn’t making it any easier because she wanted to chit chat with everyone instead of letting them order.

We get up to the register and she says, “hold on I’ll be right with you.” An employee walks in and clocks in at the register and just passes us by, with three groups of people behind us waiting to order. She finally returns and takes our order of just a value frosty and a small frosty. While we are ordering the family that was in front of us lets the little girl take the tray of 4 waters and of course I knew she was going to drop it. It went all over the floor and after they finished picking up most of the ice, an employee was called to clean it up.

We are still waiting for our frosty’s which the machine is right behind the lady. We get to witness a worker come from the back with a mop, no bucket. He is mopping up this massive amount of water and then walks outside to wring the mop out with his hands! He does this at least three times. I was a bit disgusted already by the massive amount of flies in this place and then I saw that.

The register lady is continuously talking to this man and his child at the register and asking him if he can even read and is reading the menu to him asking him what he is in the mood for. After waiting for almost 20 minutes, a young girl pops her head around the kitchen to fill an order of food and asks if it was ours and we say no, we are waiting on our frosty’s and she goes “you still haven’t gotten those! Oh my goodness!” and makes them in under a minute. We were then on our way and very irritated.

So no, 3.4 miles was not worth the Frosty’s because our service was terrible.

We had a very fun trip though and just hit a few disappointments at the end.