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Motivational Monday #28

 Since today is normally a running post, I thought I would ping the post I wrote over the weekend about the 8 accessories that I love that have to do with running. Check it out if you missed it! 



Got in one treadmill workout and two runs outside. Hoping this week I can get a lot of running outside since the weather is supposed to be gorgeous!! 


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Q: How is your training going?
Q: What is motivating you?
Q: What music are you listening to for workouts?

Motivational Monday #27 + Caffeine Protein Smoothie Recipe


This is crazy but I went on one of my longest runs in quite some time on Saturday. The weather finally cooled off so I hit the trail. Now I really took a route that was longer than 3.5 but had some stops along the way. I underestimated the humidity….but I chose to take advantage of my walk breaks and did lunges in between my bouts of running. 

I didn’t live up to my goals I set myself for July when it came to running, but I’m okay with it. I will set the same goals for August and see how I do. But I’m enjoying this nice post workout drink currently that adds in some caffeine boost! 


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Tone It Up Inspirational Fitness Quotes

The Worriers Guide To Blogging #2 — From Roses

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Q: How were your workouts this week?

Q: Anything motivating you this week?
Q: Favorite songs? We are throwing it back with the songs this week.