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Garmin is Revived!

Remember when my Garmin broke?


Well the wonderful customer support at Garmin helped me fix it with a replacement band! So if your Garmin ever breaks and you need a new band, they have them!

19.99 will make your Garmin brand new!

While I was looking at their site I just happened to notice the new Garmin watch available.

Check it out here

I saw the word “ultra runner” and was wondering what makes this watch better for ultra runners than the other Garmins. Since I dream to do some ultra marathons in the future I had to research it a bit more. 

So what makes it more ultra running friendly? A 20 hour battery life! The Garmin 405 that I have pictured at the top of the post has an 8 hour battery life. I’m pretty sure my ultra marathons will take more than 8 hours!

I think the biggest pros to this watch is for anyone that swims or does triathlons because now Garmin offers “extensive swim metrics, including swim distance, stroke identification, stroke count and pool lengths.” How neat!

What will they come out with next?

OH dog trackers, that’s what!

You’ll never have to wonder where your dog is again! Check it out

Q: Do you own a Garmin? I’ve had three different generations of the Garmin!

Q: Would you consider buying a Garmin? If you’ve been wanting a Garmin but have been worried about the price, it is totally worth it. Especially because there are so many deals and coupon codes to make Garmins cheaper!


Oh Snap, Literally

Fix Me Please


It finally happened. Garmin completely broke. Both sides ripped. So now I am safety pinning it closed and hope for the best. Sad smile

Godiva coffee Review

On the upside, I received two bags of Godiva Coffee as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program.


Caramel Pecan Bark is my favorite out of the two. The other flavor is Pumpkin Spice. I’m not a huge pumpkin fan and didn’t really enjoy this flavor.

Both flavors are really bitter and I’m more of a mocha girl than coffee.

Therefore, when I drink the Caramel Pecan Bark I usually add milk and chocolate syrup. I’ve been drinking it almost every morning this week. Delicious.

Definitely gets me through my long days of school that I have.

Breakfast Sandwiches

I also enjoy my coffee with these breakfast sandwiches I consume every morning. Alex started making them last week and now I started to make them for myself.


These english muffins are a deal at Aldi. You get 6 for .99 and then I got a decent deal on some all Natural sausage patties with a coupon at Schnucks. You can’t see it on the sandwich because it’s on the bottom hah!

Louisville bound

Heading to Louisville for our 5k this weekend. Hopefully I can break or run close to 20:30.

I’m real excited because my parents are making the trip and it feels like forever since I’ve seen them!

Flash mob Proposal

Have you seen this flash mob proposal?

Setting the bar high for the guys huh? Good luck!

Q: Have you ever been in a flash mob? I think it would be awesome. I should have one at my future wedding. hah

Q: Have you tried Godiva coffee before?

Q: Can you miraculously fix my Garmin please?