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Summer Eats

Alright, so I owe you guys a lot of posts! Yesterday was supposed to be Summer Eats so we’ll pretend like it’s yesterday!

First we’ll recap


Captain Crunch Oops! All berries cereal!



Turkey and swiss x two!! I had a footlong 🙂




mile 1: 8:42

mile 2: 8:58

mile 3: 8:41


Post Run


Did core work, stretched and iced

P4200002 P4200006

and ate pineapple



Ate at applebee’s and had some quesadillas, spinach artichoke dip and 3 cheese penne. Then I spent some time in the bathroom when we got back from food poisoning I presume.

Summer Eats


Alright here are some things I want to make/eat over the summer.

– Smoothies and lots of them
– Homemade granola bars for recovery runs (similar to luna bars) I want to find a cheaper alternative.
– Good meals for recovery and pre running (need your suggestions)
– Lots and lots of fruit

This Summer series is really for suggestions from readers! So give me some good recipes for good runner’s meals! 🙂



Sorry my posts haven’t been very detailed. But I promise to take the summer series and go into more detail once I get suggestions and actually have a set plan of action for what the summer will consist of! I’ll share the recipes and ideas from everyone as well!

I’ve just been really busy with school since it’s coming to a close and school comes first! But once school is over and after I do some traveling then I’ll be all yours and running of course!


A Bag of Trix here
Amazing Grass here

Need some positive thinking? Go here


Yesterday on my formspring I was asked …..

What bands do you listen to?

“Oh man, my music taste is all over the place. For running I listen to upbeat music, usually catchy tunes from the radio so I don’t get bored. Favorite band of all time is Copeland. Love John Mayer too! Mayday Parade, Parachute, Taylor Swift, Jack’s Mannequin, Ghosts & Vodka, Breathe Carolina, Never Shout Never….I could go on and on!”

Stay tuned in the future and I’ll show you my running playlist 🙂


Things that make me happy

– Almost being done with school
– Alex is recovering fast
– Getting my hair cut this weekend
– Possibly working 3 hours on Friday to make a quick $30.


Are you a believer?

Have any questions for me, or just want to tell me something anonymous? Ask them here or on the blog, or via email. 🙂

veggiegirl88 asked me “Favorite film?” 

I answered…..”Too hard! I am an absolute fan of chick flicks, comedies and running movies. Don’t necessarily have an all time favorite movie!”


So you may be wondering what I’m going to do now since I’ve completed my half marathon.

I might just have an answer for you!

It’s as easy as this: 5k

I’m going to take you on a little path of my 5k past.

high school
Freshman year: I was running 27’s for my 5k
Sophomore year: I was running 27’s and 26’s for my 5k
Junior year: I was running 25’s and 24’s
Senior year: I was hardly able to run 5k’s because of my legs.

… surgery

8/9/09:      25:39
9/7/09:      24:50
9/26/09:    23:40
12/05/09:  23:57
1/09/10:    23:18

5k PR as of now: 22:40(en route to a 4 mile race)

As you can see from the start of my running and to the middle of winter I have dropped 5 minutes from my 5k time. It is now spring and I am wondering where my 5k time is.

Goal 5k: High 19’s low 20’s.

Possible? I’m going to try my hardest to do it and that’s all I can do.

My all time favorite quote “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit, when there are footprints on the moon”

I need to find something with that quote so I can buy it because it has come to play so much recently with people not believing in me. There are some people who refuse to think I will ever be fast because I don’t have a history of being fast. But’s hard to be fast when you have bi-lateral Compartment Syndrome that doesn’t allow you to run without pain.


Things that make me happy

Those who believe in me
Those who think I’m fast
Runners in general

(by the way I didn’t get my room situation figured out, so I’m not happy about that anymore)