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Nutrition and Physical Therapy Increases!

I LOVE this quote!!

“Exercise is king and diet is queen; put them together and you’ve got an empire”

-Jack LaLanne

In the news of nutrition:

**all information is coming from the articles underlined. Some are my own thoughts, but much is a summary straight from the article itself. Please click on the subject headers underlined to see full credit of articles and the complete article itself. Thanks 😀

FDA rejects new name for high-fructose corn syrup

I remember my sophomore year of dietetics classes we were told about how labels were going to be reading “corn sugar” instead of high-fructose corn syrup. Well, that has officially failed as the FDA rejected the application because they define sugar as a solid, dried and crystalized food, not a syrup.

Corn Refiners Association is arguing that syrup is a form of sugar having the same nutritional value.

The Sugar Association prompted a lawsuit claiming that was misleading.  The Sugar Association also agrees on the FDA’s stance that high-fructose corn syrup and sugar are two different products.

Q: What side would you take? Are high-fructose corn syrup and sugar two separate products?

NYC proposed ban on sugary drinks evokes mixed reaction

Speaking of high-fructose corn syrup and how it’s found in most sodas, NYC has an interesting take on the subject of soft drinks. New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg has a plan to ban large-size sugary beverages. This plan places a 16 oz cap on bottled and fountain drinks sold at NYC’s restaurants, movie theatres, sports venues and street carts. The sugary beverages can be defined as any drink having more than 25 calories per 8 oz, but not applying to 100% juice or beverages with more than 50% milk or milk substitute. Obviously many such as Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr, Coca Cola and McDonalds did not agree with the plan and the article even stated that Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr don’t even have outlets in NYC. Interesting.

Q: What are your views on this?

Running News!

This week is my last week of getting back into things as I and my physical therapists have called it. I am doing easy 3 milers and hope to top off the weekend with 1 or 2 4-milers. Then will start on my actual training plan, though I am about 2 weeks behind now. I wish I could have been on schedule, but my body was just not ready for that training. I attempted but was too out of shape. I’m feeling better now though and I have confidence for the future.

I bargained with my DR to instead of 4 more weeks of physical therapy, put a 1 in front of it and give me 14 more weeks! Honestly, I love my therapists and the environment at Mid America Rehab in Cape. LOVE them! At first I was skeptical because we weren’t doing much, but I didn’t realize I had such a tight back muscle that would hinder everything I was doing.

Now that my back is better we are getting into so much! I want to share with you the things I’ve worked up to. We are adding so much more since I have so many weeks left, things to make me a better runner!

I walk into therapy and this is what happens:

*click pictures for original source

15 minutes heat pad on my back

3 x 45 second planks on the table, little rest between

40 total alternate arm + leg raises laying on my stomach on the table

40 total alternate arm + leg raises on my hands and knees on the table

30 clams on each leg on the table with black theraband held by my PT for resistance

(bottom image, but he holds the band because it isn’t circular like hers)

40 reverse crunches/heels to heaven on table (whatever name you want to give)

40 v-ups on table

40 bridges with feet on exercise ball while laying on the table

10 x 10 seconds with legs on exercise ball, pushing cane into exercise ball while keeping abs tight (we are discharging this one next time because I never feel it doing much and I finally said something)

This one you do what is pictured above the first image but hold a cane between your legs and push into the exercise ball. it’s odd.

40 total alternate leg + arm raises laying on exercise ball on the ground

Like above but alternate arm and leg, not same side.

6 x 20 second hip flex stretch, alternate legs (3 times each leg)

Then we leave my room and go out to the floor or exercise equipment

4 x 10 reps of 10 lbs overhead pull from one side of body across to the other side “pocket” while sitting on exercise ball

2 x 10 reps of 20 lbs lat pulls while sitting on exercise ball

2 x 10 reps of 20 lbs seated row while on the exercise ball

8 x 30 second theraband pull, alternate sides. This one I use a blue and a red theraband because otherwise we would use a black and gold theraband and my PT doesn’t like Mizzou and neither do I, so we go KU colors 🙂

Like this, however I have a two hand grip and hold it right in front of me and stand with bent knees and my legs apart.

4 x 30 second russian twists seated on bosu ball balancing

(the weight in hand is to come I’m positive)

2 x 20 weighted (Weights on my ankles) reps of throwdowns where my PT has me laying on the floor and throws my legs hard down in different directions so I have to use my abs to keep my legs straight and bring straight back to him.

(I don’t get to hold on to anything, so I put my hands under my butt so I don’t die)

10 reps on each leg of side squats. I step with one leg and place foot on bosu ball and squat, I repeat with 10 more reps on the other side.

20 squats on bosu ball

We go back to my room

9 x 15 second hamstring leans, where PT holds my ankles on table with my feet off table and I lean forward and hold as far as I can to feel the hamstring pull

1 x 30 second hamstring lean

(no couch, PT holds my ankles)

30 reps (15 each side) rocking hip plank

6 x 20 second IT band stretch with rope (3 times each leg)

3 times each leg my PT stretches my hamstring by pushing my leg straight and towards my body, he angles each one different to stretch it differently each time

Back massage by woman PT

Ice for 15 minutes on my back

My PT kept saying “I’m impressed” throughout my whole workout session. I’m excited to be getting stronger! I can really tell with the throwdowns because I used to have many that I would fall/lose balance and my feet would hit the ground. But even with the weights for the first time I “won” because he couldn’t get my legs to fall.

We are incorporating more leg and hip stuff as time goes on. He didn’t want to do too much in case something bothers me, we won’t know what exercise did it. But we’ve got 14 weeks!


When Your Running Form Doesn’t Work Anymore

Well, I went on another run on Saturday

It was nice because Alex ran with me. However, my back was in a lot of pain towards the end and the rest of the night/all Sunday I was uncomfortable.

Told the therapist that today and she asked if I had a back x-ray done and I said no. Got a bunch more exercises added to strengthen my lower abs so that it helps straighten my back.

Here is what I do:

These exercises were given to me at my physical therapy MidAmerica Rehab.

The last exercise I do standing, which brings me to my new friend I get to take home:

I was able to provide the whole rehab center with entertainment as they watched me run in shock that it’s even possible to run leaning back like I do. I honestly feel my back is straight, it is just naturally curved so far in that it looks like I’m arching. I know for sure I arch and lean back when I get tired. But just walking to the treadmill she stated she could see my back already arched.

I have never experienced such frustration. The exercise where I have to alternate leg and arm, I apparently am doing all wrong and I have asked like a thousand times how to actually do it because I feel I am straight backed but obviously I’m not. I don’t feel it though because I guess it’s just so natural to me that I don’t know my back is arching.

I’ve also been told to try and change my running form. I’m not sure if you know but changing your running form is one of the hardest things to do. I have been running the same way for about seven years now and I have tried to lengthen my stride or straighten up when running but I can’t.

Well, now I can’t just go for a run and enjoy it, I have to think about a million things to change about the way I run. I’m going to try but it’s just frustrating and I’m not sure I can. I know I need to because my back is in pain but it’s going to take a long time and a lot of patience. Good thing summer is almost here.

woe is me.