Motivational Monday #21

My first run of the year was on New Year’s Day. I went to get my Nike Apple watch ready for the run and it challenged me to a 5k. I said out loud “yeah right, I am way out of shape for that to happen.” Well, I did it and went even a little farther as I was running aimlessly around the area I live. It’s funny when you run often you know how far every bit of road is, but when you don’t and this is a new area to your running, it’s like a mystery where you will go. 

I’ve created the goal of running 500 miles in 2017, as that isn’t too crazy, but also won’t be easy if I allow my work schedule to take over. 

I found a good deal on running shoes and since I have gone from Asics –> Brooks –> Nike –> Brooks –>Nike, I’m now going to test out Saucony and Mizuno. My racing flats that I love are Mizuno, so I thought why not?! When you can get two pairs of running shoes for the price of one, may as well. 

As it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I thought our motivation will have a theme…..
I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. -MLK: The time is always right.: Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others? - Martin Luther King Jr. | Felicia made this with 15 Quotes About Life’s Silver Linings to Celebrate Debbie Macomber’s New Book: I'm pretty sure if you removed the sexism here it would apply to a woman as well. Or did I miss that equality boat too?: Cancel infidelity and polygamy. JFK (Jackie). MLK, Jr. Herman Rudd. Glenn and Cory. Cathy G..: Only love can do that.: Martin Luther King Quote To use the image as your phone lock screen or background, just save the image to your phone and select “Use as Wallpaper.”:
Honestly, a Kesha song came on the other day and ever since then, I’ve been reliving her “Animal” album as it’s definitely the right rhythm for running. 

Q: What running shoes do you wear? 

Q: What’s your favorite MLK Jr. quote?
Q: What are your favorite songs for working out?

Our Experience with Hello Fresh: Part I

I used a referral code to try Hello Fresh once we came back from our trip to Nashville. I figured this was perfect timing since we were still off from work and would need groceries. I’ve always been intrigued by these meal subscription boxes, but never have had the time/need to try them. Plus, I will say I was standoff-ish because of the price. But with a coupon code, I decided to see what it was all about and boy is it worth it! 

If you want to try Hello Fresh for yourself, you can use my referral code to get $40 off your first box and that includes free shipping as normal. Either follow the above link or type “9WQ4ST” in the promo code at checkout!



  • Delivered right to your door without having to find ingredients throughout the store
  • Planned meals to take the “thinking” out of what to have for dinner
  • Step by step instructions with picture guides
  • My favorite – provides seasonings/spices that I don’t have lying around my kitchen (those can get pricey $$)
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Unique meals to take us out of our comfort zone and encouraging us to try new flavors
  • Provides nutritional information
  • Depending on where you go out to eat, this is a cheaper alternative
  • Filling and a true “feeds 2” for those with more appetite. We typically even had leftovers!
  • Ability to skip weeks until you are ready for delivery (some weeks we don’t find anything we fancy)


  • Can be pricey if you are used to your own home cooking and have all the ingredients already
  • If you are looking for just meals to be prepared already, this isn’t for you. It does take prep/cooking
  • Set meals for each week that involve picking from/family versions you can’t choose meal options
  • Could be too “fancy/extravagant,” if you like simple foods and don’t want to try new things

Now onto our first meal we made! Quick Sausage Bolognese over Spaghetti

We first laid out all of the ingredients that came in the box. Keep in mind that you may not need all of the ingredients. In fact, they gave us more than we needed in each of our boxes, so we then ended up making a fourth meal (sirloin stir fry) at the end of our experience using all of our leftovers.

You’ll see the recipe card with step by step instructions to the left.

All ingredients were prepped. Zimmerman and I divide up the duties with two different cutting boards and then combine. Makes it go by even quicker than if you were cooking solo! Then this recipe you just combined it all in one pan and then add the sauce. I will say I accidentally added too much water in the sauce, but it turned out fine because it provided more sauce for even more leftovers (if you don’t mind a more liquidy sauce.)

All ingredients were provided, with the exception of olive oil. So some things you will need to have on deck are olive oil and butter that we have noticed so far in these recipes. 













We have two other meals we documented that we will share with you all throughout the next two weeks, because then we have another box coming! I highly recommend Hello Fresh if it’s something you can afford. It’s a fun experience if you have a family and you enjoy cooking together or a significant other/friends. We enjoy the nights we get to make a meal together and enjoy even more the delicious taste of the meal when it’s all said and done! 

Once again if you would like $40 off your first order you can follow this link or type “9WQ4ST” in the promo code box. Looking forward to hearing about your meals/experience! 

Q: Have you used Hello Fresh, or another meal subscription before?

Q: What’s your favorite meal to cook at home?