Garmin and half marathon pictures

Guess what just came in?!


I’ve named her Lola…my dad will probably call it Lula though hahaha. Too funny.

Oh and my half marathon pictures are up. You can check them out here

Here’s a few of my favorites:


Classic Prefontaine. 🙂





What a fun time!!

I took this picture when we got to the race.


So pretty!!!

Things that make me happy

– My great leg muscles
– The weekend is finally here
– Going to Target today to look for running skirts



  1. Katie | 16th Apr 10

    Oh sweet!! Loving the garmin!!! I think I need to get one, I have always wanted one!! Love the color you got!!!

    Love the photos of the race too! U go girl!!!!

    Have a great weekend!! Thanks for the sweet comment! I hope I have a girl one day !!! xoxo

    • feetinmotion | 16th Apr 10

      Yeah I absolutely love garmins!!!! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!!

  2. jeri | 16th Apr 10

    you got some great official shots! awesome job. and I’m uber jealous of Lola/Lulu in green. I have the Ug black one. 🙁

    • feetinmotion | 16th Apr 10

      LOL officially she is Lola 🙂 Thanks, I was looking at other people that I know that ran and they didn’t get any shots of them!! It was like crowded in every shot of theirs and I don’t even think they were in any!! So I guess it pays off to be fast and spread out in the front. There was so many pictures of me! I wish I would’ve known, I could’ve posed! Did you name your black garmin? I’ve never named my garmins before but I hear it’s the thing to do!!

  3. genesis | 16th Apr 10

    sweet gadget! Luv the name btw.

    cool pictures too.

  4. marathonmaiden | 16th Apr 10

    awesome pictures. you look awesome and rockin in them 🙂 and way cool you got your garmin. any significance behind the lola name?

  5. Bela | 16th Apr 10

    Congrats on Lola….I just got the Garmin 305 and she is making me very happy…..actually her name is Lulu…..funny!

    • feetinmotion | 16th Apr 10

      AWW!!! Lulu! So precious!! Our garmins should be friends!

      • Ashlei | 16th Apr 10

        Can my Garmin be friends too? 🙂

        • feetinmotion | 16th Apr 10

          For sure!! Garmin friend party!!

  6. Matt | 16th Apr 10

    Nice looking thighs 😉

    • feetinmotion | 16th Apr 10

      hahahha thanks! My legs are freaking amazing now!

  7. Ashlei | 16th Apr 10

    What a beauty that Garmin is!! And those are some great marathon photos! You’ve got some killer calves! 🙂

    …Just bust out laughing at Matt’s comment! Haha! Niiiiice.

    • feetinmotion | 16th Apr 10

      haha thanks!! I didn’t realize my legs were so muscular until those pictures!

  8. Molly @FuelHerUp | 17th Apr 10

    I kind of want a Garmin, but kind of don’t, just because I’m afraid I would be addicted and unable to run without it haha!

    Love that we’re twins!! 🙂

    • feetinmotion | 17th Apr 10

      I love my garmin to see if I’m getting better. I don’t really look at it while I run, I just like knowing what exactly I have ran, time wise, mile time wise and mileage. Since I run the same routes, it’s nice to know if I’m getting better or not.

  9. Stephanie | 19th Apr 10

    Great pics for the half! I wanted to see how you were able to copy them to post on your blog? I am wanting to post some of mine on my blog, and it keeps popping up the copyright notice.


    • feetinmotion | 19th Apr 10

      Thanks! I was able to copy the pictures, so maybe it’s just my browser that allowed it? I was wondering too because usually they don’t allow right clicks, but my browser (flock is the one I use) let me copy and save!

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