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Motivational Monday #23

So the only run I have done recently was the Make Tracks for the Zoo 5k. I do this race annually (with the exception of last year,) and enjoy supporting the STL Zoo. I always want to place in my age group, but it never happens. I had well intentions this year on training, but then life just happened and my solid 2 weeks of training went to 2 more weeks of not training and we all know how that turned out. But it’s OKAY because I had a fun run and enjoyed the zoo post run! 

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Q: What races have you ran lately? 

Q: Do you own an Apple Watch? I absolutely LOVE mine!! 

Q: What are mantras you have for yourself?

John Anderson College Ave Mile

Me: “I’m waking up in the morning to do a short run if it’s not raining.”
Kat: “Do the mile run!! I think doing a race could give you confidence and motivation again.”

So I ran the John Anderson College Ave Mile and I did gain motivation and confidence.












There wasn’t a moment prior to the race that I thought about actually running it. I didn’t have my inhaler, I was wearing a short sleeve GOTR shirt and I’ve been battling an injury.

Then Kat told me she didn’t want me to run with her and she wanted me to actually try. I would be lying if I said the mile was easy because I hit half a mile and already was winded and having difficulty breathing without my inhaler. But seeing all of the kids and a group up ahead, I attempted to make my way up to them and try to motivate them along the way and use them for motivation as well. I found a little girl to run the rest of the way with and she outkicked me in the end. It was such a great race to watch after I finished as the Mizzou Cross Country and Track team volunteered their time to run with the little kids. I was glad Kat convinced me to do this race.

I was also extremely shocked with my time. Like I said, after half a mile, I lost my momentum and just started to shut down and run with the kids. I expected a 7:45 finish time because I thought I slowed down a lot.

I crossed the line with 7:00 on the clock and a chip time of 6:54. What?! That’s where the confidence and motivation returned. If I can run a 6:54 mile without my inhaler and messed up tendons in my foot and on cold legs, then just think of what I can do when I’m healthy and trained. 10689463_10202895663177543_8139678543136704453_n

If you are close with me or follow me, you’ll know that this year was spent to training and running half marathons. I have ran 2 so far this year and have 2 left. One is coming up this Saturday but I will most likely be walking a bunch of it because of my tendon issue.

I am being optimistic in thinking I can run the whole Rock N Roll St. Louis Half marathon in October. Then after that is straight 5k training. I’ll dedicate 2015 to 5k’s and will attempt to finally break that 20 minute barrier I never could in undergrad.

Be sure to continue to follow my running journey and if you are feeling generous, please donate to the Girls on the Run charity I am raising money for. Thanks!