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Food Management Rotation – Food Production

I have been doing my internship through the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center. However, for my clinical and management rotations I was placed in McAlester, Oklahoma at McAlester Regional Health Center. It wasn’t what I expected for my placement, but it was actually a great experience and I liked the smaller hospital setting. For the first nine weeks I completed my food management rotation. We valentinesbox had various assignments, but I think the best one was the event I put on. Valentine’s DIMG_8628ay was a perfect time to sell boxes of goodies, so that is what I made for my event.

In my undergrad we had a “Quantity Food Production,” course, however it wasn’t what it sounded like. We were in groups and put on a catering event for 50 people. We didn’t really get to use the mass food production kitchen and in fact much of our food was created in four tiny kitchens. So, I really liked the opportunity to work in a kitchen and learn how to use the big appliances!


From what I can recall, I proIMG_8644duced 70 boxes and sold out. In hindsight we should’ve made more because they were popular and that number was based on pre-orders. But it definitely was quite work making these items to fill that amount of boxes. I had fun because I love baking. Yes, many of these items aren’t the best options for health, but everything in moderation! 🙂

  IMG_8643 IMG_8647IMG_8648


I was able to raise over $1000 for the hospital which was great and also a wonderful experience for me! 


Sam Before, Sam After. All that work in the kitchen deserved a relaxing night.


Come With Me On This Journey

Holy cow blog world! It’s been awhile, eh? I assure you I have been up to some amazing things and that is why I have been away. However, it’s perfect timing to start back up as I’m going to be living out a dream shortly, because I am heading to the University of Oregon for a month. If you are a runner, I am sure you received motivation from Prefontaine and Bill Bowerman

15 Sep 1972:  Steve Prefontaine of the USA in action during a track and field event at Crystal Palace in London, England.   Mandatory Credit: Tony Duffy  /Allsport
15 Sep 1972: Steve Prefontaine of the USA in action during a track and field event at Crystal Palace in London, England. Mandatory Credit: Tony Duffy /Allsport

at some point or another in your career. I know in high school we would watch “Prefontaine” and “Without Limits” almost every pasta party or before a big race. It has been a dream to even visit Hayward Field and be a part of Nike Town. I knew I would never get the opportunity to step on that track as a competitor, but now I will have that ability to step on that track as a person who is in love with running. Pre’s trail will be mine to take on and all those trails I Pres-Trail-Running-Eugenedreamt of will now be underneath my running shoes.

I have truly been blessed in my career path to become a Sports Dietitian. It’s rare to be able to step into the field right out of your undergraduate degree, d88343f647537d6ca6e1d81e4509e0bfmuch less have a position created for you. I was mentored by an incredible staff at the University of Missouri, whom I call my family. I graduated with my master’s degree early and applied for internships. It’s also a slim chance to match with a dietetic internship (50/50 chance) and I matched with my first choice. Not only did I match with my first choice but I was able to continue with sports nutrition in my community rotation and also my elective rotation. I had the amazing opportunity to work at the University of Oklahoma for a month and it’s coming to a close.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t truly appreciate every moment I get to spend with athletes and help maximize performance with nutrition. I know this is the career I belong in and that I am about to do amazing things and that alone is11036296_10204687175801814_7274148997976661522_n a great feeling. It warms my heart to have dietitians in the field saying incredible things about me and my future and nothing feels more right than this.

As my dietetic internship is coming to an end, I plan to take you on a rewind of it all and catch you up to my journey to Oregon coming up at the end of the month.

To everyone who said I would never make it in this field, boy do I love to prove that if you have a dream and hard work, nothing can stop you, because like I learned at the University of Oklahoma, it takes GRIT!