Workout Wednesday!


Tell everyone what your workout is for the day!!

I actually ran this morning!

Only a mile, but that’s still more than nothing.

Run: 1 mile @ 7:50 min/mile pace.

I’m possibly going to run again tonight.



  1. marathonmaiden | 11th Aug 10

    ummmmmm i haven't decided yet! maybe a 15k? easy pace? kind of what i've been doing for awhile now haha

  2. Sammi | 11th Aug 10

    My workout today is to be determined. I'm going to call my mom and see if she's doing a spinning class tonight. I may still go even if she did hers this morning.
    Might run.
    Might swim.
    I'm not very decisive!

  3. Matt | 11th Aug 10

    9 miles and weights for me!

  4. Genesis | 11th Aug 10

    im hoping to get in a kettlebell workout this evening…we'll see how that goes

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