why hello again! short post

Just did a 3 mile run in about 27 minutes and that did not bother me at all because I am recovering 🙂 At this point time does not matter and I just need to regain my fitness levels.

I learn to swim next week from coach. This shall be exciting.

Things that make me happy

– My green garmin forerunner 405 named Lola
– Beautiful days out for running
– Winning auctions on ebay, especially consisting of 3 champion running skirts
– Cooking a favorite meal from home, Tuna Casserole that will be consumed tonight!
– All the beautiful green trees everywhere in town.

Q: What makes you happy?



  1. Ashlei | 17th Apr 10

    Ooh you got some running skirts! Yay! 🙂

  2. Sammi | 17th Apr 10

    Thing that makes me happy: reading about your “slow” run lol.
    Yay for running skirts!!!

  3. Matt | 17th Apr 10

    Great run!

  4. genesis | 17th Apr 10

    yay you found running skirt…they may not be THE running skirt, but i bet they didnt cost you an arm and a leg 😉

    what makes me happy…my first ever 8 miler 😀

  5. lisaou11 | 18th Apr 10

    I havent ever had a running skirt—maybe one is in my future 🙂

    • feetinmotion | 18th Apr 10

      I can’t wait to try mine out! Once I get them that is! Hopefully this weekend 🙂

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