When Your Running Form Doesn’t Work Anymore

Well, I went on another run on Saturday

It was nice because Alex ran with me. However, my back was in a lot of pain towards the end and the rest of the night/all Sunday I was uncomfortable.

Told the therapist that today and she asked if I had a back x-ray done and I said no. Got a bunch more exercises added to strengthen my lower abs so that it helps straighten my back.

Here is what I do:

These exercises were given to me at my physical therapy MidAmerica Rehab.

The last exercise I do standing, which brings me to my new friend I get to take home:

I was able to provide the whole rehab center with entertainment as they watched me run in shock that it’s even possible to run leaning back like I do. I honestly feel my back is straight, it is just naturally curved so far in that it looks like I’m arching. I know for sure I arch and lean back when I get tired. But just walking to the treadmill she stated she could see my back already arched.

I have never experienced such frustration. The exercise where I have to alternate leg and arm, I apparently am doing all wrong and I have asked like a thousand times how to actually do it because I feel I am straight backed but obviously I’m not. I don’t feel it though because I guess it’s just so natural to me that I don’t know my back is arching.

I’ve also been told to try and change my running form. I’m not sure if you know but changing your running form is one of the hardest things to do. I have been running the same way for about seven years now and I have tried to lengthen my stride or straighten up when running but I can’t.

Well, now I can’t just go for a run and enjoy it, I have to think about a million things to change about the way I run. I’m going to try but it’s just frustrating and I’m not sure I can. I know I need to because my back is in pain but it’s going to take a long time and a lot of patience. Good thing summer is almost here.

woe is me.



  1. Kris www.kris-lawrence.com | 24th Apr 12

    I’m also trying to change my form a bit and it is TOUGH! I’m an over striding heel striker. I’m essentially braking every time I stride. It wasn’t too big of an issue until I reached the point of injury. Now I’m doing rehab, stretches, & exercises like you are. Hang in there and I’m interested to read how your form changes go. I hope your back feels better!

    • Samantha | 24th Apr 12

      Lol, I have the shortest stride ever. So I have to work on lengthening my stride. I will definitely be documenting it. I’m nervous about changing it. That is hard to do!

  2. Lizzy | 25th Apr 12

    ohhh my gosh! I am so sorry about all of this PT business you’ve got going on, and I am definitely thinking about you and your body+running…trying to come up with some ideas for you!
    I hope your week have been going well!!!

    • Samantha | 27th Apr 12

      Thank you so much Lizzy! I appreciate it!

  3. Kristin | 27th Apr 12

    Thank you for such a great post!! I love all the stretching exercises and I am definitely going to put them to use. I feel like I’ve been in a perpetual state of injury…ITBS, pulled hamstrings, plantar fasciitis…I’ve been a mess! Now that I’m healthy, I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to stay healthy. Thanks again 🙂

    • Samantha | 27th Apr 12

      Kristin! Thank you for visiting my blog. I see you just started one of your own! I hope you find an outlet to express yourself, much like I have found with my blog. I love learning new things and sharing them with others so I’m glad you enjoyed this post and it was helpful to you! I definitely can relate to your perpetual state of injury, me too girl, me too! I hope you stay healthy!! 😀

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