When You Are OCD

So something I really put high priority in, is planning. Ironic? I love planners and I always have to have the perfect one for where my life is.

So since I have running, school, work and volunteering, I keep track of a lot. Therefore, I have been looking for the best planner.

Things I would prefer in my ideal planner:

  • tabs
  • to do list section in the weekly view
  • ideally set up “morning, afternoon, evening” because I think that would be ideal and leaves more room
  • a zipper pouch or pouch in general to keep important papers
  • cute
  • durable
  • starting sometime soon through 2013

I found my ideal planner, but it is not an ideal price for me. It is a little under $60 but really looks great. Here is a video of the planner by Erin Condren


Now if I were to find a planner with most of my main “ideals” and the price was better then I would go for it! So let the hunt begin!

Q: What organizer/planner do you use?



  1. Dusty @TooLazyYesterday | 24th Jun 12

    Love that planner! But a little pricey. I love planners and keeping things organized. I have this planner.


    I know you are not a mom, so it is not the planner for you, but I love it.

  2. Sharon | 24th Jun 12

    Franklin covey used to be the big name in planners but they were expensive as well. But check their website to see if they have anything to meet your needs.


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