What’s Going on in Nutrition #4 + New Blog Design

I spent the past two days working on my blog. Let’s say I screwed up the code about three times and had to do a major recover twice. I almost cried, and stayed up late trying to fix everything. I have no idea if everything is for sure here, but I think we are golden for the most part.

new blog

I did a major revamp to my “races” page and will continue to make those pages better.

Also if any companies would like product reviews done, or anyone wants to sponsor My Feet in Motion, those options are definitely out there as I no longer compete in the NCAA.

I received a funny Klout perk today. Alex and I just had an ice cream date to McDonald’s to get hot fudge and caramel sundaes and we saw the Shamrock Shake. I’ve never had one before, but we then started looking at all of the calories on the menu. It was interesting. Of course the Klout perk I received was a free Shamrock Shake. McDonald’s is giving me a $5 giftcard. Maybe instead I could get hot fudge sundae’s 😀

shamrock shake perk

One of my best pals recently got into her dream school, St. Louis College of Pharmacy and I’m extremely excited for her! I don’t get to see her much, since we both are busy with school, but she is wanting to increase her fitness. So we are meeting up on Wednesday’s and Friday’s to workout. I’m excited because I get to train her and have company/workout 🙂

first training sesh with bex

Today was our first day. I didn’t have time to really create a plan for us, so we just improvised. Since this was her first time actually lifting, and I haven’t lifted in awhile, we did low reps and weight that was comfortable. We will probably repeat this workout next week on Wednesday. This Friday will be different and will include running!

first training sesh

I take credit for the goblet squats. We were all amped up to do another set, and I got into squat position and felt the oddest feeling in my quads. It was something I definitely never felt before and couldn’t even get into position. So we moved on to abs. I think I shocked my quads because they haven’t really been utilized much within the past week since I’ve been sick with the flu.

Nutrition in the News!

I know today is Wednesday and it’s when I do my What’s Going on in Nutrition blog series. Honestly, the main thing you need to know this week is that it is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week!! In support of this week, I am going to post these infographics that are very informative on eating disorders.

NEDA info 1

NEDA info 2

You can find more about National Eating Disorders Awareness Week by visiting the NEDA Awareness website.

I’m excited about the 5k I’m racing this Saturday because the Student Dietetic Association put it on for NEDA week and the entry money is donated to the cause.

Q: Have you ever been stressed out when redesigning a blog?
Q: Are you on Klout? What perks have you received?
Q: Any interesting facts you found from the infographics above?
Q: What workouts do you do in the gym?