What Inspires You?

First off, how cute is this bread?! Peppridge Farm Goldfish Sandwich Bread!

I saw it on Krazy Coupon Lady and hope that it is cheap so the $1.00 coupon will get it almost free because how adorable is that bread hahah!

Second of all, I’m in a slump. A depressed running state slump. Obviously last week of running sucked for me. Let me break it down so you can see.

  •  Monday: 0/0
  • Tuesday: 6/6
  • Wednesday: 3/6
  • Thursday: 6.9/7
  • Friday: 5.5/6
  • Saturday: 0.75/6
  • Sunday: 5.5/8


=27.68 miles / 39 miles = fail


Well because of that week, it basically told coach that my body is not ready to handle that mileage an therefore I am dropping mileage. It’s for the best and I understand, but I do feel irritated in myself. I just know I can do better and it was one bad week. But I just have to think positive about it and hope it was just one week and not the start of many bad weeks if I continued on with that mileage.

Honestly, the mileage isn’t even that much different so it shouldn’t affect me mentally and that it will still make me a better runner and won’t take away my ability to race well. I just have to take each season at a time and this season is not going to be a 45 mile a week season but more like a 40 mile a week.

So for all of you who are in a slump like me, or need some inspiration, here you go.








picture source weheartit <3

Q: What inspires you to get moving?

Q: Have you tried the goldfish bread?


  1. Haley @ All Or Nothing | 25th Jul 11

    It’s okay.. we all have off weeks.. Actually, I’ve had that for the past couple days :/
    That’s why I needed to read this post. Thanks beautiful 🙂
    You’re gonna kick butt this xc season! Just keep your head up <3

    • Samantha | 25th Jul 11

      Thanks Haley. I can’t wait to finally meet you! Hopefully at Pre Nats for sure 🙂 I sure hope our days turn around and we start to feel a bit better!

  2. VeggieGirl | 26th Jul 11

    1.) Now that I’m healthy and not so frail, I have the energy to compete and to practice for hours a day. I’m inspired by my progress and newfound appreciation for great health.

    2.) No, but I definitely want to. How cute! 🙂

    • Samantha | 26th Jul 11

      Good for you! Cheers to good health! 😀

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