What are your kids eating?

I saw this article on NYdailynews.com. It was the “Top 10 worst kids’ meals revealed

Apparently in the book “Eat This, Not That” for 2012 they have a 20 worst kids’ foods list and here are 10 of those.

'Eat This, Not That!' includes a list of the 20 worst kids' meals in popular eateries.

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1. The Cheesecake Factory Kids Pasta with Alfredo Sauce (1,810 calories)
2. On the Border Kid’s Cheese Quesadilla with Mexican Rice (1,220 calories)
3. Outback Steakhouse Joey Spotted Dog Sundae (1,216 calories)
4. California Pizza Kitchen Kids Curly Mac n’ Cheese with Edamame (1,088 calories)
5. Friendly’s Dippin’ Chicken Salad (950 calories)
6. McDonald’s Mighty Kids Meal with Double Cheeseburger, Fries (small), and 1% Chocolate Milk (840 calories)
7. The Cheesecake Factory Kids Southern Fried Chicken Sliders (820 calories)
8. The Cheesecake Factory Kids Grilled Cheese Sandwich (810 calories)
9. KFC Kids Meal with Popcorn Chicken, Potato Wedges, and Pepsi (800 calories)
10. Applebee’s Kids Oreo Cookie Shake (780 calories)

According to the article, 40 Mcdonald’s Chicken McNuggets is the calorie equivalent to The Cheesecake Factory’s Kids Pasta with Alfredo Sauce. Both of those almost hitting 2,000 calories each which is almost the recommended caloric intake of a typical adult. That’s just one meal! Plus children do not need a full 2,000 calories in a day.

For some healthier choices, I found this article from Good Housekeeping, “Healthy Fast Food and Restaurant Options for Kids

It breaks menu options into categories: children, tweens, and teens.

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I think one of the biggest eye openers was Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Season 2 Episode 4.

This first video clip Jamie put into perspective how much fast food this family consumes in a week, 2 weeks, a month and a year.

At 3:00 in the clip is where it starts showing the food.
At 5:40 in the clip is where you see the food for the year. 


Then this clip below, Jamie shows that cooking from scratch can be cheaper and faster than fast food.


Q: What do you find most shocking about this?

Q: Are you surprised at any of the above information?



  1. Kristen @ The Concrete Runner | 13th Oct 11

    Why does any child need a double cheeseburger? I don’t understand. I feel like we’re teaching out kids how to be fat… Makes me sad for this generation of youth.

    • Samantha | 13th Oct 11

      I have to agree. When a child is so small I don’t understand why a double cheeseburger is needed. Do you think they would even notice the difference? I wouldn’t. In fact I don’t really think there’s a difference when it comes to feeling “full” with burgers like that. Whether it’s one or three patties. But that could just be my opinion.

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