USA Cross Country Championships

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day. It was Alex and I’s three year anniversary so we celebrated a little bit, but I’ll do a post on that after the celebrating throughout the week ends.

Plus I have more things to catch up on. USA Cross Country Championships were in St. Louis and my roommate Madalyn and I drove up to see them! The main reason I wanted to go can be summed up in a few names: Ryan Hall, Desi Davila, Sara Hall and Molly Huddle. Plus I found out a former coach of mine was announcing them.

[source:bigriverrunning fb page]

Desi and Ryan both did a Q&A at the pasta dinner on Friday night and it was $10 to attend. We were able to get autographs and free posters. Definitely worth every penny and more!

Then of course the race the next day. There weren’t too many big names since this year is an Olympic year and most are training for/have qualified for/are shooting for that chance to go to London. However Molly Huddle and Sara Hall raced and it was quite amazing!

The one degree wind chill could not keep us from seeing this race. I took a ton of pictures, but will only post a few.

[source: all other photos by me]

Molly Huddle and Sara Hall were pretty much together the whole race and head to head at the finish.

Coming down the finish stretch

It came down to a computer viewing of who won.

When Sara Hall found out she won, she was the cutest thing ever. She jumped up and down and then hugged Ryan!

I’m pretty sure she was staring at me. No big. haha

She then signed saying that she had indeed won the USA Cross Country Championships.

And I’m pretty sure Ryan was tweeting at this moment

ryan hall

And no big deal or anything, but Sara Hall tweeted me back after I congratulated her.

sara hall

Honestly it was a great weekend. But I have to say that Desi Davila is one of the most down to earth and real runner I have met. She was so thrilled to sign autographs and talk to people. It didn’t make you feel like it was just her job and she does it all the time. She went and spectated the race and I actually caught her in the heated tent and got her to autograph another thing, which happened to be a pullover I had just bought. She said “are you sure you want me to sign that? It’s brand new and has the tags on it and everything!” I got her and Ryan Hall to sign my shoe the night before and I just love them.

I also did not think I would meet someone shorter than me and such a good runner, but alas, there came the day!

And lastly, the most motivational coach I have had. Although it was not for a long period of time, he has created a strong ground for my running mentality and whenever I get down or my running gets the best of me, I always think of the things he has told me.


Coach Miles Krieger. He was so funny too because Ryan Hall was standing just a little bit away from us, all by himself in the middle of the field on the phone. Krieger said “why do you want a picture with me? Go over and get one with Ryan, he’s right over there on the phone!”

Best weekend in a really long time.