Training Week 1.30.12

Breakdown of week 1/30/12

  • Monday: off day + lifting + abs and hip strengthening
  • Tuesday: 7 x 1000m repeats. total mileage for day = 7.35
  • Wednesday: 7 mile midweek long run + lifting
  • Thursday: 5 mile easy run + abs and hip strengthening
  • Friday: 14 x 200m, last 4 repeats in spikes. total mileage = 5.5
  • Saturday: 4 mile easy run
  • Sunday: 9 mile long run

total weekly mileage: 38 miles

In our household we started the “Get S*** Done” program. It goes like this:

Mandatory 2 days of abs, ideally 3 days of abs. Then an “other” category for your different types of strengthening etc. Since we have two pole vaulters and two runners, we have different routines.

My other category includes lifting and hip strengthening.

Then if you don’t complete your mandatory 2 days of abs, strikes are as followed:

  • 1st week not completed: Clean the dishes for the week
  • 2nd week: Clean the whole house
  • 3rd week: Cook for the whole week

Then the reward for completing the whole program (up until finals week) you get to buy a workout outfit guilt free. Don’t worry about the price or let anything hold you back, because you deserve it!

We have motivational pictures on our whole wall surrounding our poster.

If you have any good ab routine recommendations, feel free to email snthierry[at]gmail[dot]com or comment because I’m sure we will get a little tired of the ones we have.

Q: What motivates you?

Q: Do you focus on abs, lifting and strengthening or are you just about running?