Time for an update

I am posting from my kindle fire mainly to test out the wordpress app.

Let’s see, it is now outdoor season which means 10k training. Ah the tedious of trainings.

My teammate madalyn and I got stuck in a really bad storm last weekend. It was pouring, thunder and lightning and when we thought it could not get any worse, tornado sirens went off and we got pelted with a little smaller than golfball sized hail.

Then two days later on the same trail, a man held a woman at gunpoint at 4:30 in the afternoon on a Sunday. Yeah. Then a couple days later the police chased the man and he shot himself in the head. Oh and he’s still alive. Awesome right?

My coworkers told me I should quit running because it’s too dangerous hah.

I am now home for spring break and just going to relax!

More to come.


  1. Molly | 11th Mar 12

    I feel you on being busy with school….have an amazing track season! I’m trying to break my 10k PR in May, so I’m right there in the hard workouts with you!

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