Things That Make Today Great!

Today is just such a great day already. Here’s what has made it so good:

1. Completing a great workout

Let’s just compare last year with this year and you’ll see why today is such a good day.

Last year

6 x 800m with 400m jog between

  • 3:30
  • 3:31
  • 3:35
  • ?
  • 3:37
  • 3:35

Average ~ 3:34 = 7:08 pace/mile

This year

6 x 800m with 400m jog between

  • 3:27
  • 3:20
  • 3:20
  • 3:19
  • 3:25
  • 3:19

Average ~ 3:21 = 6:42 pace/mile

Yes that’s a huge difference.

This pumps me up because my hips and nerves are still tender but they are doing SO MUCH BETTER than the past few weeks. So there is hope! Get the bad health out of the way early in the season so I can rock the part that matters.


2. Watching episodes of Will & Grace in the morning.

Especially this episode. “Just Jack” cracks me up EVERYTIME! I love it!


This one is also good:


3. 96 minutes of commercial free radio was on when I was taking my shower. I love listening to music while in the shower.

4. I only have one class today because my Tuesday schedule is awesome

5. I took a very cold ice bath which was delicious.

6. I have feathers in my hair.



Things that haven’t been too awesome so far today:

1. I spilt milk on the floor and my leg.

2. I have an anatomy quiz.


But that won’t hinder my day!!

Q: How’s your day going?

Q: Do you love Will & Grace? Will & Grace and Friends are both shows that I will never get tired of watching. They are just so funny.