things that make me happy

each post will now come with a short collection of things that have made me happy.

  • I am done with tests until finals week
  • My parents have not only bought me new running shoes but a garmin 405
  • both of which will be here this weekend or beginning of next week
  • the weather is gorgeous out



  1. Ashlei | 14th Apr 10

    That would make me happy too! How awesome 🙂

  2. Matt | 14th Apr 10

    Nice! Let me know how you like the 405!

  3. Julie | 14th Apr 10

    Hi Sam,
    Yes, I would say all of those things would put a smile on my face too!! Good for you girl:) Woo hoo for being done with finals:) I remember the feeling….so happy!

    • feetinmotion | 14th Apr 10

      sadly I’m not with finals. Those haven’t started yet. I’m done with tests until finals though! haha

  4. genesis | 14th Apr 10

    i like the happy list. your parents are so sweet to buy you shoes AND G405!

  5. Sammi | 14th Apr 10

    I’m jealous about the 405! I love my 305 though 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about the differences!
    I’m also jealous that you don’t have anymore tests until finals 🙁 I’m working on one right now. and by working on it, I mean I’m reading blog posts while watching the biggest loser while my business book rests on my chest lol

    • feetinmotion | 14th Apr 10

      ahhah you’re too funny! 🙂 I still have projects to do and in all honesty, I’d rather do tests.

  6. lizzyj1305 | 14th Apr 10

    hey love! thank you for the happy b-day wish yesterday!! I heart you! and your momma and papa are amazing! I hope you are having a great day!

    • feetinmotion | 14th Apr 10

      I hope your birthday was good!! They are amazing 🙂

  7. britchickruns | 14th Apr 10

    Hey! I just have to say, thankyou SO much for your comment on my blog re my Garmin – it WORKS AGAIN!! I can’t thankyou enough 🙂
    Also, lucky you getting a 405! Are they much better? xx

    • feetinmotion | 14th Apr 10

      you’re welcome!!! Mine did the same thing the night before my half marathon and I freaked out because I knew it had half battery left! I think the 405 is better just because it finds the satellite quicker and it’s touchscreen, but I mean the functions are the same. I just have been wanting a 405 for so long and can use it as a regular watch too because it actually looks like a watch and not a laptop on your wrist hahaha.

  8. abbynormally | 14th Apr 10

    You clearly have awesome parents!

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