The Thrill of Running, or Not



This is my “I’m not thrilled at all to go running” look. Also my “check out the shadow that makes my arm look huge.” Or is it a shadow…

6 Miles in 45:49 [7:38 per mile]



  1. I don’t want to run today
  2. At least the weather is gorgeous
  3. A tad bit windy, but nothing too awful
  4. Ah pain in my stomach! OW
  5. Should not have eaten that luna bar before running
  6. I need to slow down a bit
  7. YUCK throw up in my mouth.
  8. Throat burns
  9. This run sucks. I just want to be home
  10. Hi ladies! I love runners that smile at you and say hello
  11. Throw up again. This is worse. EWWWW
  12. I wish I had a drink right now. This is gross
  13. Do I look like I’m going slow? I feel like I’m going slow, but I’m actually going pretty decent on pace
  14. What am I saying, girls tend to look slow no matter how fast they run
  15. I’m getting a huge glass of water and chocolate milk when I get home!
  16. Cannot wait for dinner!

Let’s pray the sun comes back out today because I have a pool date with some running gals of which I love. Otherwise we’ll just have to watch the Biebs movie. Let’s be honest…I need some sun, I’m blinding people when I run.

I don’t really need safety gear while running. If the sun goes away, I’ll brighten the way.

Q: Are you ever surprised by how fast you ran on a run?

Q: What is the worst thing to happen on a run? I hate throwing up in my mouth on the run, because it burns and is gross and you can’t do anything about it.



  1. Brooke {FreeBird Runner} | 23rd Jun 11

    Oooh eww, I hate when that happens!! I know exactly the burn you are referencing… blaah!!

    I am continuously surprised on how fast I run on most days.. slowing it down is more difficult then speeding up!! I am really trying to work on this (and I'm not even that fast!)!!

  2. Haley | 25th Jun 11

    I feel the same way sometimes-just uninspired/unmotivated.
    But look how fast you are!
    And you ran fast even when you weren't feeling well!
    I know I hate when I throw up in my mouth a little or when my stomach is hurting on a run.. Running after a binge is the WORST. I don't recommend it, ha.
    But the worst thing to happen to me on a run is definitely getting attacked by dogs. They seem attracted to me! Scary!

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