Tell Me About Yourself

TEN different things you want to say to ten different people.

10. You mean the world to me.
9. I miss you so much.
8. I wish things were like they used to be.
7. I hate when you make fun of others.
6. You don’t understand we have more classes than just your own.
5. You need to take responsibility for your job.
4. I wish I could physically hug you and tell you everything will be okay when you need it most.
3. When I get down on my running career, I reread the words you sent me and get a bit of strength from them.
2. You’re bruising the spirits of young runners by focusing your attention to a select few. It’s not healthy to have favorites.
1. I could not be the person I am today, if it weren’t for how you raised me.

NINE things about yourself.

9. I have a tendency to hurt others in the midst of being a good friend.
8. I am too nice of a person and put others before me.
7. I make mistakes and am still growing and learning a lot about life.
6. I give my all in everything I do, even if it isn’t as good as everyone else.5. I have realized I will never be perfect and need to not be so hard on myself.
4. I have a huge heart and put myself out there.
3. I like to make people laugh even if they are laughing at me.
2. I will never be good at taking tests.
1. I’m a very family oriented person and the idea of possibly moving away from my family depresses me.

EIGHT ways to win your heart.

8. Be able to make me laugh or smile at any given time without even trying to be funny.
7. Let your guard down and share your feelings
6. Be able to talk about anything with me
5. Listen to me and actually care about what I’m saying, even if you don’t
4. Understand my passion for running
3. Never lie to me
2. Remind me often about the reasons you care for me
1. Drop everything to be there for me

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot.

7. This isn’t working out
6. Why can’t I be good at taking tests?
5. How is someone like that faster than me?
4. What did I do to deserve this?
3. Oh my gosh, I am such a loser.
2. I don’t understand
1. I wish I was home.

SIX things you do before you fall asleep (not necessarily in order)

6. Untangle the blankets because the bed is never made.
5. Plan my day for tomorrow
4. Think about the things going on in my life at the moment
3. Double check the door is locked
2. Check my email
1. Text

FIVE people who mean a lot at the moment.

5. My family
4. Alex
3. Tim
2. My teachers (they control my grade)
1. My team

FOUR things you’re wearing right now.

4. Champion running shorts I just got at Target for under $4.
3. A basic training t shirt that Alex’s mom gave me from her boot camp class
2. My glasses because my contact was going crazy and I’m hoping they will make me smarter/digest more study material when wearing them.
1. 4 hair ties on my wrist because I have ridiculously thick hair and you never know when you’ll need to put it up.

THREE songs that you listen to often… [or this WEEK]

Mixture of this week and #1 is just a song that I often listen to.

3. We Owned the Night – Lady Antebellum
2. Communication – Mae
1. Jersey – Mayday Parade

TWO things you want to do before you die.

2. Have children.
1. Change someone’s life.

ONE confession.

1. I would be happier with myself if I didn’t have acne.


PS just a side note, I will be doing some blog construction within the next few days. So if things look weird and out of place, that is why. Smile