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What’s Going on in the World of Nutrition?

In the world of Nutrition…

Caffeine Inhalers

A Harvard professor has created a new portable inhaler that delivers an instant hit of caffeine.

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According to the nydailynews, a Harvard professor has created this inhaler above that contains 100mg of caffeine which is the equivalent to a large cup of coffee.

Peanut Butter Plus

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NYtimes wrote an article about Abbot Laboratories, an Illinois based company that is sending many workers in the field of food science and engineering into Haiti, along with $6.5 million dollars to help create a sustainable nutrition enterprise.

The product that is made and solely Haitian is called Nourimanba and it is a high calorie, high peanut, peanut based paste that is ready to use and doesn’t involve mixing with water or refrigeration. This product is essential for the malnourished.

Now a few words from my education…

This story is very interesting, because I have come across many people who did not realize what edema is. So basically the bloated bellies that we see a lot in children from malnourished areas around the world.

I’ve heard many things such as “why are their bellies so big if they are starving?” or “that’s just air.”

It is actually a protein deficiency called Kwashiorkor and their bellies result in edema which is swelling caused by an imbalance of protein in the blood. This causes water to diffuse into muscles or even skin to try and establish an equilibrium or balance.

There is also an energy deficiency called Marasmus and it is very similar to Kwashiorkor as the symptoms are very similar, however Marasmus is caused by an inadequate caloric intake.

So it is very possible to have a combination of Kwashiorkor-Marasmus. Therefore this Nourimanba, peanut paste really does save lives about help the malnourished.


New Labeling Plans

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NYtimes also had another article about a new labeling system. Apparently the Institute of Medicine wanted a simple label for the front of food packages. This label would show the number of calories per serving and have a rating system from 1-3 stars on the “healthiness” of the item.

This rating system is based upon: added sugars, sodium, and saturated/trans fats.

If a product is excessively high in one of the above it would get no stars at all as well as sugary drinks and candy.


I think this is an awesome idea. Why? Because unless you have had a class in nutrition people aren’t really educated in what is good or bad for you. I mean if you went up to the average person could they tell you which sugars were good and bad for you?

So since most people don’t understand what nutrition labels are really telling them, these simple labels will at least be a little more clear and simple to use. Obviously if you see products with stars then you know it’s better than the ones without stars.

I don’t see anything negative to this idea at all. It’s not going to take away people’s choice of what to eat and I don’t think a little label on their package is going to bother people, but I may be wrong hah.


Q: What do you think of the proposed labeling system?

Q: Would you use a caffeine inhaler?

Q: What did you think the bloated bellies meant on children?