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I May Be Obsessed with KU

As if you didn’t know my favorite college basketball team, you do now. Look what I just ordered

kansas shirtkansas sweatpantkansas sweatshirt

Also, the PB&J for the United Way was alright. I was glad I got to help for a cause but it was poorly run. You couldn’t start making a sandwich until your previous was bagged. Plus they only had enough to make 40 sandwiches per team. I think it would have been better if they had enough to make more than that. But also the sandwiches were sloppy because people were racing and we were at least trying to make them look good. I mean they are for the Food Bank and no one wants to eat a sandwich that is torn up.

Plus we were supposed to have 15 representatives for the SDA and only 5 showed up. So we filled one of our tables with some Lambda Chi’s and then had an empty one. It was pretty embarrassing to not represent our association. Honestly, it’s a disgrace and I hope next year people will care more. I’m crossing my fingers for the vice president position, but I know there was a tie between me and another person. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t get it, but I really want it because I feel we can bring the association closer and will provide more ideas.

Anyway, time to go study more. I have a Nutrition II test Monday and as of now I have a 4.0 for semester which gets me super pumped!!! So I need to get an A on this test to keep it up.


Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Alyssa posted this website and if you love running and Ryan Gosling, then check it out. My two favorites are:









Speaking of running, I have ran two days so far.

Monday and Wednesday’s runs.

Update: I got super excited because I didn’t start getting tight in my glutes/back until about mile 3. This is great considering it was 1 mile before.

I went to physical therapy all excited and of course they were excited with me, until my left leg IT band was so tight, he could not get it 90 degrees. I was extremely tight and sore.

I got a new friend:

Originally I was using a theraband to stretch my hamstrings when I was at home. They gave me this strap to use instead so there won’t be any give to it and it will help better. If I’m lucky I get the bf Alex to stretch my hamstrings 🙂

I get to run again tomorrow and then Sunday.

I’m participating in this volunteer opportunity tonight. It’s called PB&J for the United Way and you have teams of 5 and your goal is to make as many PB&J sandwiches in 30 minutes. Those sandwiches then get donated to the Food Bank. Our Student Dietetic Association have enough volunteers to make 3 teams. I am so excited to help out!! I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂


Q: Do you volunteer? What do you enjoy doing? I can’t wait til I’m done with school and am living close to a Girls on the Run program because that’s one volunteer opportunity I don’t have access too. But I’m doing a lot this summer with the Food Bank and some local RD’s

Q: Do you have tools to help you stretch? I need all the help I can get, I’m extremely inflexible

Q: Do you love Ryan Gosling?! That’s not even a question, who doesn’t?