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Life is an Adventure

So I finally saw “We Bought a Zoo” last night and it just really changed my mood from “oh things aren’t awful but they are not wonderful,” to “All is right in the world. Stories like this make life so exciting.”

Even though I was not part of the movie, watching it just changed my life perspective.

  • 3 times I cried
  • 1003352 times I said “she is so stinking cute!” about the daughter.


Maggie Elizabeth Jones will be a heartbreaker for sure and a very talented actress as she is extremely good already!

Maggie Elizabeth Jones


Winning picture of the most “aw’s” I said:

Look at that little safari outfit!

I also loved her relationship with the peacocks.

  • 10 times my heart melted
  • 2353637 times I smiled

To sum it up, it is a feel good movie that will cheer you up and make you look forward to your own adventures.

So I don’t really have a bucket list, and maybe I should because it’ll make life more exciting. I pretty much added my first item that I won’t die without visiting the zoo this movie was based off of.

Real life family:

The real Benjamin Mee and his family at his zoo

Real Life Zoo:

Dartmoor Zoo located in

Sparkwell  Plymouth, Devon PL7 5DG, United Kingdom

So looks like I will be visiting the UK for the third time. But that wasn’t a surprise, because I love the UK.

So after the movie was over, I was just in a fantastic mood, and unfortunately it was 11:30 at night, but I just went to bed knowing life is so exciting and I have many adventures in store for me as well.

I don’t really know where life is taking me and nothing is set in stone. I will be going wherever I get accepted for my internship/grad school and I will then go wherever I get a job.

I’m chasing my dreams and that is quite exciting but scary at the same time. But that’s life right?

I’ve been trying to be positive with everything in my life and for the most part I’m doing well. Then we have running. I actually hate talking about it and try and avoid it all costs because it is a very sensitive subject. I love running so very much and hope I always have a relationship with it, but I am just having so many problems with it currently. It sucks because it’s my senior year of college and I would love to have a good last year and graduate as an athlete but I just really fear I’ll get the cut.

But like I said, I’m a dream chaser and will see where life takes me! But my number one priority is school and doing everything I possibly can to raise my GPA, get high GRE scores, get the best internship and master’s possible for Sports Dietetics and go from there.

I have firmly decided to get my master’s in Exercise Physiology and have plans to obtain these certifications:

CSSD – Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics

CSCS – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

and possibly

RCEP – Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist

as well as other certifications offered by ACSM such as personal training etc.

My main goal is to be a performance dietitian, therefore a lot of focus on the fitness and assessment part. And a part of me has been looking into Performance Dietitians working with the Special Forces. Maybe that is something I will do at some point in life because it would be a very fulfilling experience.

OH the glory of life!