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You Darn Quadratus Lumborum

Plan of action as of therapy:

Dead lifts = absolute no go. They said that was not a good idea because I have a tight quadratus lumborum muscle in my back. Which is what I have been battling my whole therapy, as well as strengthening in the simplest ways possible to not injure anything more.

This muscle since it is so tight, is also pulling up on my hip which could have been the cause of my sore hips/IT bands as well as my back pain.

I’m also not running very much at all because every time I do a run I feel like I’ve made 3 steps backward in my therapy. So I’m taking it really easy and just doing all of my exercises. I’m actually seeing a difference as my hips aren’t as tight and sore and my lower back hasn’t been very sore either.

Right now I’m just experiencing tightness and soreness in my mid/upper back from the deadlifts. But it’s getting better thankfully.

Also, I hop on the treadmill for a mile at therapy and I work on my form. After coach helped me with my running form, I showed them on the treadmill and both PT’s said it looked a lot better! But I get tight in my upper half, especially the way I hold my head and neck as well as my arms. I tighten those areas up and it makes my back curve more inward. So I practice that and they tell me when I start to tighten up so I can be more aware of it happening.

I’m hoping that when the team is ready to start their summer training, that I’ll be ready as well! But if it takes me a little longer then I will do whatever I have to do to stay healthy and come back strong.

I am excited to be seeing progress though and hope it lasts once I start back training again. I have a follow up doctor’s appointment May 25 and he will re-evaluate me.

As for school, this week is pretty much my last week, so I might be a bit busy. I’m still on track for the 4.0 so fingers crossed! 😀

Be on the lookout for some more reviews and possibly giveaways within the next couple of weeks!


Are You Smart or Something?

I’m pretty pumped because it’s pretty much midterms already. We just finished our 8th week of school and this week I have been on Spring Break. I am pumped because my goal this semester was to get a 4.0. If you know me, this is quite an accomplishment because it always seems, ever since high school, I’ve had one or two classes that will always end up in b’s each semester. I’m not talking low B’s, but 85% and higher.

Let’s take a look at my current grades:

  • Research Methods: 90% (our test isn’t and project isn’t in this grade but I know it’s higher than a 90 now)
  • Dietetic Seminar: A – gradebook isn’t up, but I know I have an A
  • Nutrition II: 88% (!!!!!!! Hopefully I can make this stay a B and possibly an A. It’s a really hard class. Like microbiology, organic and regular chemistry and nutrition all in one class)
  • World Food & Society: 96%
  • Intro to Marketing: 97%

So as you can see, I’m pretty excited. But you can also see where my two on the edge classes are, which I knew from the start, those would be the two: Research Methods and Nutrition II.

Why do I want a 4.0? Because this semester and next are my last semester of grades that really matter. Internship applications are due in February which means your last semester of school is not calculated into your GPA for your applications.

Speaking of internships, I pretty much have my top four choices already and am just teetering with a fifth one. I’ll know for sure when it gets closer.

I’m also pretty pumped because I finished The Hunger Games a few days ago and I am so excited for the movie!


I gave it 5 stars. It may look like it took me 2 weeks to read, but really it took me more like 3 days. I just didn’t have time during school and read the 90% of it over break.


I have to admit, I definitely pictured Peeta far more fetching than he is portrayed in the movie. *sigh*

I have now started reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, because I want to see the movie.

You can follow me on Goodreads if you want. I’m pretty much a book junkie when I have time.

I don’t have much running to talk about, because honestly the topic is depressing for me currently because my body is a big mess and my legs and hips hate me with a passion.

The last couple days I have spent over 50% of my day sitting and rolling on this guy:

I’m trying to think positively about my season but I just feel like I’ve been pushed back in fitness. Hopefully not though.

Now I’m going to get started on my 10 page Nutrition paper. Bleh.