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Heart Rate Monitor Fail + Upcoming Races

So since I’ve been doing a lot of gym sessions lately, full of lifting and abs, I remembered I had a heart rate monitor for my Garmin 405. I got excited because I thought it was a typical heart rate monitor that could calculate calorie burn. Wrong.

heart rate

The 405 doesn’t have the ability to calculate calories based on the heart rate monitor. It calculates calories based on distance. However, I was running on the indoor track and then of course lifting and abs don’t have distance. Therefore, it was an epic fail.

I have been debating getting a Polar Watch for some time now, because it is pretty much “The watch” for cross training things such as what I have been doing. It calculates calorie burn based on heart rate.

So I’ve been looking at the Polar FT4, because a lot of fitness fanatics use this one.

polar heart rate monitor

Does anyone have any comments on the Polar FT4?

Today’s personal training, included a mile run and abs. We were going to start the Blogilates March Madness workout calendar, but my computer wouldn’t connect to the school wifi and our hour was already over.

I added on another 3 miles afterward and could really use those ViewSport “sweat activated” shirts. As seen below.

gym sesh

I just signed up for another 5k. April 18th there is a 5k going on here at school in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It sounds fun because it’s at night and has a “glow theme!”

My race schedule isn’t very full right now. I should probably figure out what other races I want to do in the upcoming months. Here is what I have so far

March 2nd: National Eating Disorder Awareness 5k
March 29th: WASHU 5k on the track
April 18th: Shine Light on Sexual Assault 5K Fun Run


I think I’m going to apply for the Refuel Grant soon. It would definitely help pay for upcoming races, and what better cause to support? I always refuel with chocolate milk and would love to be promoting it!

Q: What races do you have coming up?
Q: Do you love chocolate milk post work out?
Q: Any thoughts on the Polar FT4?