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At-Home Sports Massage Techniques

I’m back! I am currently working on some blog posts for you all, but in the meantime, I was contacted by Jerry Marrello from Turning Stone Resort & Casino. To help promote their Spa Facility SkÁ:nÁ, I have allowed Jerry to provide a blog post about the benefits of sports massage and give some DIY/at home exercises!

These exercises are all wonderful and I think they will great ideas to help alleviate stiff and tight muscles.

At-Home Sports Massage Techniques for Marathon Training

So, you’re a marathon runner. You’re training diligently, but your muscles are sore, and your recovery time is longer than you need. Sports massage have many benefits and are necessary for successful training. Top spa’s, including Áhsi’ Spa in upstate New York , cater their treatments to target injury prone muscles. But if you can’t make it to the spa, consider these benefits and do-it-yourself (DIY) sports massage techniques to help you in your recovery efforts. You won’t be disappointed.

Benefits of Pre-Marathon and Post-Marathon Massage

Massage has numerous benefits including (
1. Improving blood flow to muscles
2. Moving oxygen and nutrients to muscles
3. Improving the flow of lymphatic fluid. This promotes the healing process.
4. Breaking up scar tissue in the muscles
5. Decreasing recovery time
6. Eliminating lactic acid buildup in the muscles

Marathon runners who don’t incorporate massages in their plan will not heal as fast as others who use massage on a regular basis. Every marathon trainer should have a strategy to prepare and recover from a marathon. These simple at-home remedies are great to include in your regimen. 

Self-Massage Tools for Marathon Training

Frozen Water Bottle: If you have just completed a long run, you will want to use the RICE method: rest, ice, compression and elevation. The ice portion of this method can involve rolling the feet on frozen water bottles. This method is effective and affordable for a marathon runner on a budget.

Tennis Ball: Massage your feet, back and legs with a tennis ball. Try standing with your body weight on the ball and roll the ball from the toes to the heel. Repeat the motion until the foot feels relief. Complete this action on both feet.

Foam Rollers: Foam rollers or PVC pipe can be used to apply additional pressure to the hip area and the outside of the thigh. Roll back and forth on the pipe or foam roller for 30 seconds. Then, switch to the other side and repeat the exercise.  This will work the tension out of the connective tissue and prevent tears and strain. Runners can avoid knee pain with foam rollers or PVC pipe.

Get More Out of Your Training

Marathon training can better if you can avoid potential injuries. Sports massage whether conducted at home or at the spa are necessary to prevent injury. Complete the massages according to the directions to aid the body in healing during training. Proper muscle care may prevent long-term injury.

The self-massage tools are really effective. Personally, I have used both tennis balls and foam rollers. I’ve also used softballs and lacrosse balls. In the strength and conditioning room, part of the routine requires athletes to use lacrosse balls, foam rollers and PVC pipes to work out and loosen the kinks and prepare the athletes for their workout. Also, for icing, it is also helpful to fill up those little paper bathroom cups with water and freeze them. You can use these as massagers by peeling back the paper. This provides massage and ice as well.

Hopefully this has provided some valuable information for you all and if you have any other suggestions please feel free to comment!!


When Your Running Form Doesn’t Work Anymore

Well, I went on another run on Saturday

It was nice because Alex ran with me. However, my back was in a lot of pain towards the end and the rest of the night/all Sunday I was uncomfortable.

Told the therapist that today and she asked if I had a back x-ray done and I said no. Got a bunch more exercises added to strengthen my lower abs so that it helps straighten my back.

Here is what I do:

These exercises were given to me at my physical therapy MidAmerica Rehab.

The last exercise I do standing, which brings me to my new friend I get to take home:

I was able to provide the whole rehab center with entertainment as they watched me run in shock that it’s even possible to run leaning back like I do. I honestly feel my back is straight, it is just naturally curved so far in that it looks like I’m arching. I know for sure I arch and lean back when I get tired. But just walking to the treadmill she stated she could see my back already arched.

I have never experienced such frustration. The exercise where I have to alternate leg and arm, I apparently am doing all wrong and I have asked like a thousand times how to actually do it because I feel I am straight backed but obviously I’m not. I don’t feel it though because I guess it’s just so natural to me that I don’t know my back is arching.

I’ve also been told to try and change my running form. I’m not sure if you know but changing your running form is one of the hardest things to do. I have been running the same way for about seven years now and I have tried to lengthen my stride or straighten up when running but I can’t.

Well, now I can’t just go for a run and enjoy it, I have to think about a million things to change about the way I run. I’m going to try but it’s just frustrating and I’m not sure I can. I know I need to because my back is in pain but it’s going to take a long time and a lot of patience. Good thing summer is almost here.

woe is me.