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Motivational Monday #35


Last week I ran twice. I LOVE running, but I have not been doing much of it. I was thinking the other day about it and I think I’ve figured out a possible reason. Besides being LAZY ha! Running is an outlet for me, much like it is for the majority of those who run. The thing is though, I have nothing in my life right now that really causes stress. I haven’t had those urges of “I have to go run right now or I will lose it.” We used to have those moments all the time in my previous job and if I didn’t go run I would’ve blown up. I am so grateful to not feel those moments anymore or come home crying every day, but honestly I do miss running. It’s hard and I’ll be the first to admit that once you are out of it for so long, it is ALWAYS hard to get back in. If you know me, I’ve been trying for like 3 years ha! But what I can say is, I love that it is always there as an option. It’s something I can do anywhere at anytime and that is a blessing that I will never take for granted. I know it will all come back as I’m really debating signing up for a half marathon, but I’m waiting for after January before I register, just to make sure I know where I’ll be in life. 

It’s been cold, so I took full advantage of the treadmill.

Another day I ran and finished at 5:30pm and it was already dark, so I just did a short run. 


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Motivational Monday #18

A reason this blog has been inactive for quite some time is because I was at a loss of what to blog about. I have a great career working at Mizzou and also picked up a job working with the Chiefs, both of which consume my time and I barely have time for myself. So, if I’m not comfortable or sure what I can include on the blog with my work life (so many great stories, I wish I could,) then it was “what do I talk about now?” But also, when do I have the time? But I knew this was an area in my life I enjoyed and loved sharing with others, so I’m going to experiment bringing together my personal and work life and see what the outcome is! So for the readers that stuck with me, thanks for staying, and for the new readers, enjoy the in’s and out’s of my life through my blog! 🙂


I have decided another part of me that was missing and lost through this work life of mine, was my running. Trying to find the time when it’s still light out or I’m not so exhausted, well, it’s rare. But I’m apple-watch-nike-series-2-42mm-with-flat-silverwhite-nike-sport-490407-2wanting to run another half marathon in the Spring because I am having extreme jealousy seeing other runner pictures out there! This bad boy will be mine this Wednesday and I can’t wait to test it out and post my journey with running, but also the new Apple Watch Nike+ Series.

I have my Garmin Forerunner 235 that I switched to from the Fitbit Surge and it was because I miss the GPS. Well finally a smartwatch to bring GPS and higher quality compatibilities.

Stay tuned for those updates.



Now to bring some work into this motivation piece. In our office we have a giant white board. It stood bare for quite some time, then moved to an area for pictionary in “down time” at work, and now has been transformed into a board for motivation. One of our gymnasts started writing motivational quotes on the board and most everyone that walked into our office would appreciate them. This week we decided to add our own up their with hers as a little bit more motivation on those tough days, never hurts, but can only help, right? motivational-white-board-office

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Q: What’s motivating you this week?
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