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Half Marathon Love

Let’s talk running..

I’ve been trying to find a half marathon that I can do that isn’t far away from my location. That part isn’t the hard part. The hard part was trying to find one that was not from the months of September-May because that is my “in season” months.

Well I have officially found one that I am 100% sure I want to do, unless I happen to get injured in the outdoor track season (hopefully not.)

The Paducah Iron Mom Half Marathon. It’s not a big half marathon but I really just want to try and race to see what my time could be. I already plan on running with my ipod because as I looked from pictures from last year, almost everybody was and it was pretty spread out in the front which is where I would be looking at the results.

The good thing is that I don’t have to register until after my season is completely finished, so I don’t have to be worried about registering then losing money if I can’t race.

I mean just look at these finisher medals. “I Ran Like A Mother.” That’s pretty awesome. hah

The bad thing is, is that I have two options. Spend $88 and get a hotel room for the night before, or wake up and make the 2 hour drive before the race starts. Packet pickup on the same day opens at 5am and the race is at 6:30am so I would need to get there around 5:30am for sure. Suddenly the $88 is looking a lot better and I could just go up and spend the day Friday in Paducah.

Thankfully I have PLENTY of time to make my decisions.

Q: If you were me, would you get the hotel room or be an early bird and wake up that early, drive two hours and then race a half marathon?