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Some People Dream of Success

Another successful workout this morning.

Mile Repeats

We have an 800m loop we do in a park here and it includes a huge hill on one side. As much as it sucks running up, the idea that we will never have a hill that awful in any race we run, is a bit reassuring.

Goal pace: 6:46

Splits went:

6:42, 6:40 and 6:48 (The first two I’m not exactly sure but they were both really close to 40)

I looked back at last year’s mile repeats and it’s a big difference

6:50, 6:58, 6:58, 6:45

This workout gives me hope for Louisville this weekend. I’m finally feeling good. My hips didn’t hurt at all today which is amazing. I’m shooting for a 20:30 or as close to that as I can get. Basically going balls to the wall and giving my all this weekend.

Another great thing…

Our Micro teacher always goes over the questions that almost everybody missed. From our exam there was 29 (yeah, hmmmm), and I felt awesome because I think out of the 29 that were up there, I only missed 4! So I’m kind of looking forward to seeing my Micro test now. However I am not excited to see my Anatomy test that I should see tomorrow as well. I know I did awful on that!



I wasn’t aware that Nate Ruess from the Format started some new music. But it was a great day when I found out!

I also found out there were two Weepies albums that I do not own.

Q: What music genre do you listen to?

Q: Where do you usually do your mile repeats?

Q: Do you ever think you did bad on a test but do good/vice versa? It happens all the time to me.