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Positive overcomes Negative

Life has become less stressful lately. I got laid off of my job, which was more of a blessing than anything. I didn’t want to ever talk about my job but it was very negative the past three months or so. A lot of us there talked about quitting daily because it was a unpleasant work environment and personal attacks were made on me daily. I’m a very hard worker and I know when I go to work, I am there to work. It seemed personal vendetta’s were made and attempts to get me fired. What’s sad is you never knew what was right at this place because rules changed daily and some were exempt. It was the most unorganized place and you never knew what your job was going to be or if it would be your last day there.

As much as it stinks not having an income, I have more time to focus on my education and further my opportunities in life after college. I also don’t have a huge cloud of negativity surrounding me on days I have to work. My attitude can be more positive and I can appreciate every day of the week.

I’m just going to be thrilled that I have an education and am not stuck at a job like the one I was at because I am going places in the world and I have a future planned. I will have a job that I love and it will never feel like work. Dreams are possible and you may have to settle for some opportunities before you can land your dream job, but you never have to give up your dream job and settle for life. I know dreams are possible because I’ve witnessed them. Therefore I will always continue to work hard so I can succeed.

I was really excited when the handout that I made for my strength and conditioning internship is being sent around the different colleges. The other day it was tweeted about by Mizzou, which was extremely exciting and I am so pumped about getting myself out there and gaining more and more connections each and every day!

There’s one opportunity right now that has been brought to my attention and I want it so bad. I’m just waiting for more information and we’ll see where it takes me! I have to stay level headed to not get my hopes up but I can’t help but be excited because I was approached. Life is wonderful and every moment should be cherished.

I also finished up my collegiate cross country career yesterday. Only raced two races and they were not anywhere close to where my healthy running self is, but it was the opportunity to be on the team. Now I just need to focus on getting healthy again so I can race at my optimal performance in track. I’m not too upset that my season is over because cross country really beats up my body and my body was already in the dumps so it was exhausting. I’m ready to throw in some cross training, running and strength training to get me feeling good again!

I was honored to run my last collegiate cross country race in memory of Meghan Herndon, a semo soccer athlete that died thursday. Even though I did not know her personally, there is a bond between semo athletes and it just hit really hard. I am really glad some of the boys have started to wear helmets on their scooters because Meg did not have a helmet on and suffered devastating brain injuries. I wanted to run for Meg yesterday and I was in a lot of pain in my race but I continued to recite her name over and over in my head knowing how much she would give to play another soccer game.

Life is too short to dwell on negative thoughts and experiences. I may not have had a great race yesterday and I did lose my job two weeks ago, but there are so many other positive experiences that I have experienced and I need to be thankful for the life I live and the opportunities still to come!