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Motivational Monday #38


I started lifting once a week at the facility to do things that I can’t do at the apartment. Two of the three times I have ran to the facility, but this past week my back wasn’t feeling too good so I didn’t run. I have a slight scoliosis that tends to act up when I lift and run and so my back gets really tight and doesn’t have the mobility as it normally does. So I’m taking it a day at a time and incorporating the lifting since I miss that.


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Feel Good – Gryffin & Illenium ft. Daya


River – Ed Sheeran ft Eminem

Q: How have your workouts been lately?

Q: What’s motivating you?

Q: What are you listening to?

Motivational Monday #37 : Happy New Year


Today is officially the first day of the New Year! I decided to go for a treadmill run since it was “feels like -25” out. I didn’t make it far, but I made it far enough. Each time I run I will match it or increase until I’m at 3 miles. Treadmill running doesn’t come easy to me lol!!


As we dive into 2018, I have an announcement that I will be a BibRavePRO for the year. If you haven’t heard of Bibrave, go check them out.

If you hover over my “RACES” tab, you will see a drop down that includes discount codes for races. How convenient!! As races get added, the discounts will be added as well.

So follow me into 2018 as a BibRavePro and as I train and increase my running/training from nothing to something.


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the brighter the rainbow.

New Year Affirmations 2018: Start the New Year With a Clear Mind!

sometimes, that's easier said than done.... sometimes all anyone can do is try~


Quinn XCII – Flare Guns ft. Chelsea Cutler

G-Eazy & Halsey – Him & I 

Q: Any running goals for 2018?

Q: What races are you signing up for?

Q: What motivation will help you in the New Year?

Q: What songs are you loving?