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Recap in Pictures

This week was my first week back to actual training of my coach’s. Obviously I am about 8 weeks behind everyone and that is a huge damper to my training but I just have to keep my chin up and get back to it.

If you have been living under a rock then you might not know it’s been blazin’ hot lately, as in three digit weather. I’ve been running at the rec center trying to stay alive.

Monday – 4 miles

I try to wear my ink n burn outfit as much as possible. Obviously as long as it’s clean! Mainly because it is seriously the most comfortable and best fitting running clothes that I own.

Tuesday – off day

Wednesday – 4 miles

Fourth of July run! Made me realize I need a red sports bra, pronto. Will work on that.

Thursday – 4 miles

Friday – 5 miles!!!!

This day was the best day I have had in a long, long, long time. I was able to make it 5 miles without stopping. I can guarantee it helped that I was inside at the rec center on the indoor track so my breathing was more controlled. But around 20 minutes my back starts pulling/spasm-ing and so with every breath it just pulls. I decided to run through it today and it got a bit better! Hopefully we can keep it up and stay positive with everything.

Saturday – off day

I went to my teammate Monica’s wedding on Saturday! I caught the bouquet, but don’t get any funny ideas because engagement and marriage is a long way down the road, considering the grad school/internship future is hazy for everyone involved. Could be years that we are apart from each other.

Monica was such a beautiful bride and I was super impressed how timely everything went! It was a beautiful wedding and a lot of fun! I admit, I did tear up a few times.

Sunday – off day

I was supposed to run 5 miles today, but because my pal (below) was my step in date as Alex couldn’t attend the wedding, we decided to shop Saturday and Sunday and the rec center was closed by the time we got home. It also got darker earlier than it normally does and was still hot/expecting storms. So I am going to do my 5 miles tomorrow (monday)

total mileage for the week: 17 miles

As for an update, I see the chiropractor twice a week and he does stem on my back and adjusts my back, neck and hips. I see the physical therapist twice a week as well where we just focus on back strengthening but lightly since it’s so sensitive and ab strengthening.

Also, I haven’t really blogged much because I have been figuring out my life because a lot of things have happened recently and all at once. A big event was my best friend Tim was over in Afghanistan for his second deployment and he is a combat engineer. He was out on a mission and stepped on a bomb. Thank goodness it did not fully detonate and he is still with us today. He had shrapnel in one leg and then broken parts in his leg/ankle/foot areas. They keep putting off his surgery for his ankle because of various reasons, most recently because he is on blood thinners. His surgery is scheduled for Tuesday and I would just love if everyone could say a little prayer that he heals up quickly and surgery and recovery goes well for him. I hope and pray his pain and suffering lessens!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Running is in the Crapper

I have lacked in posting because mainly, I am depressed and kind of frustrated.

I was doing well with running and my back was fine, then BAM hurts worse than before. I really noticed on my run Sunday, instead of my usual lower back discomfort my mid to upper back just tightened and it was if it was pulling on my lungs because my breathing was short and as if I was panting. I ended up walking most of the way back.

Went to physical therapy Monday and the PT said how my back was still really tender down low and I told her my upper back was hurting too. She said I might have a rotated disc.

Skipped running on Monday because it’s never smart to run after PT, I learned that lesson last Wednesday.

Tuesday, as in yesterday I woke up and my back was just throbbing. Went to work and had to keep moving around and stretching it. Left early and got invited to the pool with some track buds. Decided I didn’t want to be non-sociable, so I went. I ended up being non-sociable because not only was I tired but I couldn’t take my mind off of my back and I couldn’t get comfortable sitting.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to run or really do anything because I was in pain, so I just went home and laid down. I fell asleep for almost 2.5 hours. Which is another thing, I have been insanely tired lately and my body has been very fatigued.

I go into therapy today and tell them my back was hurting so bad that I hadn’t ran since Sunday. PT felt along my spine and I just cringed with just her putting pressure on it. The top part of my spine was hurting and the areas around it were extremely tender. She asked if I ever had scoliosis and I said no. She had me sit up and put my arms crossed and up in the air and made me turn to the left while she held pressure against me with her whole body haha, hoping to straighten my spine out.

She said my back was extremely tight and it felt awful. She said my spine feels rotated and we took out a lot of my PT exercises that involved much of my back and twisting and then she put stem and ice on my back at the end.

I’m pretty sure I am going to see the chiropractor next week because I can’t go tomorrow since I am working and volunteering from 8am-7pm, and they are closed on Friday’s. So I’ll have to go when I get back to Cape next week. I just want him to check it out as well and maybe take an X-Ray to see if there is a cause and what it actually is looking like.

I just hate how it is sore and causing me from running because when my back hurts it constricts my breathing and then I just can’t even function. Plus I think there may be some nerve pinching because throughout my butt and IT bands it has been throbbing since. And when the PT stretches my hamstring with my leg in the air, I get sharp pins/needles in my heel. So wonderful. BLEH.

There is my long sad story of my running life.  🙁