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On another note: running and I have always had a love hate relationship.

I love it, it hates me.

It always tries to find some way to destroy me, but yet I’ll never break up with it, SO THERE! Smile

We possibly found out why my hips have been hurting all day/everyday and also my knee.

Hello, sciatic nerves.

I get the pleasure of rolling my behind, both sides, on lovely softballs. Actually, it’s not even rolling, it’s firm pressing/sitting still while pain surges through my leg and I try not to cry.

Sound like fun?


Well it’s a blast. Smile 

I think I am going to try and always sleep on my stomach to possibly avoid tightness in my hips. I’m a pretty solid side/stomach sleeper. So I should become a solid stomach sleeper.


Q: What position do you sleep in?

Q: What’s your inspiration today?

Q: Have you ever had setbacks in your training?