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Latest Updates!

Oh my goodness, do I have a lot to fill you in on! Since graduating I have started a camp counselor job and rekindled friendships from high school and gained some new friends as well!

The best things in life are being able to pick up right where you left off with friends and that is what has happened this summer. I work from about 9am to 4pm every weekday and then I am either spending time with my family or my friends!

Our favorite activities are definitely getting snobiz which is a shaved ice place 🙂 If you follow me on twitter and instagram then you have been filled with information about my daily doings.

sno biz

Just a few pals after a work dinner. Which by the way, I absolutely love everyone I work with and I am so grateful for receiving the job because it is adding to an incredible summer!

Running wise! I will be running a 5k on the 30th of June and I’m actually feeling pretty in shape. At least more so than the past two races I have done 🙂

I ran my farthest run of the summer the other day and it wasn’t planned at all. I was just having such a good playlist and beautiful weather. I even set new records on my garmin haha.


The awesome playlist


Then I’ve been getting extremely tan at summer camp


I received my diploma and it has my honors on it! Cum Laude baby!


And lastly, Big Brother UK has started and Big Brother US will be starting soon. Summer has officially begun!


I also officially signed up for the Rock N Roll St Louis Half Marathon and couldn’t be more excited about it!!!

Now I am planning our trip to Seattle and Vancouver. So if you have any suggestions of where I need to go, let me know!! Hope all is well 🙂