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why hello again! short post

Just did a 3 mile run in about 27 minutes and that did not bother me at all because I am recovering 🙂 At this point time does not matter and I just need to regain my fitness levels.

I learn to swim next week from coach. This shall be exciting.

Things that make me happy

– My green garmin forerunner 405 named Lola
– Beautiful days out for running
– Winning auctions on ebay, especially consisting of 3 champion running skirts
– Cooking a favorite meal from home, Tuna Casserole that will be consumed tonight!
– All the beautiful green trees everywhere in town.

Q: What makes you happy?


Garmin and half marathon pictures

Guess what just came in?!


I’ve named her Lola…my dad will probably call it Lula though hahaha. Too funny.

Oh and my half marathon pictures are up. You can check them out here

Here’s a few of my favorites:


Classic Prefontaine. 🙂





What a fun time!!

I took this picture when we got to the race.


So pretty!!!

Things that make me happy

– My great leg muscles
– The weekend is finally here
– Going to Target today to look for running skirts