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Cape Riverfront Market

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I’m interning at the Cape Girardeau Food Bank and one of the opportunities I volunteer at is the new Cape Riverfront Market. I absolutely LOVE it! We opened up three weeks ago and it’s been very successful!

My part in volunteering is working the EBT machine. We were able to get an EBT machine that will allow those with food stamps or the SNAP program to use them at the Farmer’s Market. I think it’s such a wonderful idea and I am thrilled to be part of such a big difference!

I wanted to post because something happened at the market this Saturday and it kind of saddened me. For the most part the Farmer’s Market provides healthy options such as wonderful produce/vegetables, meat and various other food products such as honey and spices. There is however a cart set up that makes homemade doughnuts that are TO DIE FOR! Really, they are incredible.

About 15 minutes left of the market this woman comes walking quickly up not even wanting to stop to answer our questions. We commented she was walking very briskly and she said “I’m on a mission. Are the doughnut people still here?” We stated that yes they were and the doughnuts are delicious. She said “Yes, I know, we get them every time.”

Not even 5 minutes later she was walking once again, quickly out of the market with her daughter and husband trailing slowly behind. We asked if she got her doughnut and she said “Oh yes, we already ate them. That’s the only reason I come.” Joyce then stated exactly what I was thinking and yelled so the woman could hear “There are many other wonderful products here as well.” The lady complained it was way too hot and they were leaving.

This saddened me because I know there was no intention to come to the market other than the doughnuts. If it was way too hot, one wouldn’t come to the farmer’s market to get a very hot and fresh homemade doughnut and eat it outside. I guess it just rubbed me the wrong way because the Farmer’s Market as so many wonderful options and deserves to be taken the time to be looked at. I’m sure I’ll continue to see this woman and her family for their weekly doughnut. Maybe one day we can convince her to stay awhile longer.

farmers market

Some pros to volunteering at the Cape Riverfront Market is that on occasion we will be given some leftovers. I am thrilled to be a part of this community and will definitely be doing my weekly shopping as much as I can in the farmer’s markets located around Cape Girardeau because I love being able to talk to the farmer’s and makers of the products. I love knowing where my food has come from and the great personalities of them all. I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend 4 hours in the morning on a Saturday.

Q: Do you visit farmer’s markets?

Q: Do you enjoy going to them?


Life as We Know It

So I had Foodbuzz affiliation but for some reason my ads do not show up on my blog anymore and I took that as a sign to maybe get involved with others.

If you have any interest in me being an ambassador or putting a button on my blog for advertisement/sponsorship of the blog, feel free to email me at snthierry[at]gmail[dot]com

***correction. I am lacking sleep and finally realized the problem. I had an adblocker on my internet that blocked my ads. Good job Sam. I’m still interested for the future however with the above comment.

Onto other news. I asked my coach to help me with my form. He stated lengthening my stride wasn’t the way to go about getting better form because that won’t help me. Getting more air time with a quicker stride will help. We focused on straightening my back/running more forward and picking my legs up more as I ran.

I felt stupid because you are trying to think of everything to do while running to make it all flow together. He made fun of me because I wasn’t using my arms and I said, I had other things to think about first and then I can do that haha. It’s really hard to try and run a different way than what you are used to running and what feels natural.

We also did some dead lifts which made me feel dead. I had a run afterward and I think a mixture of me possibly getting sick, having a sore back already and the dead lifts did not help. I ran for 18 minutes and literally had to stop. My body could not function and my legs would not pick up. Soreness of my back was making it harder for me to breathe. I made it back and ended up running about 36 minutes instead of 40. But afterwards and as I sit here, my back is in so much pain. I honestly have no clue what to do and hope after talking to my physical therapist, she’ll help me figure out more. Honestly I might need to just take a break from running and do things to get stronger because putting the two together is not working and I’m really tiring myself out/left to struggle in my daily life with a sore back.

I just want to get my back to stop hurting and then add running back in. My main priority is just to be comfortable throughout the day. I feel like an 80 year old woman with a bad back.

Dietetic wise, I was super pumped to get my second 100% in my Nutrition 2 class for my tests. I am still going strong for my 4.0! I’m pretty sure this will be my first 4.0 in college if all goes well.

I am going to a mobile food pantry this Friday with the Food Bank! I’m extremely excited because this will be my first one, but definitely not last. Hopefully I can take pictures to post. Pretty much, the Food Bank of Cape Girardeau has about 101 sites for mobile food pantries. They have an old Pepsi truck that is refrigerated and they have meat, produce, as well as shelf stable products. They set it up at a site that is struggling with food and people come to the mobile food pantry and pick up food for free. I think it’s such a fabulous idea and they have doubled the amount in just a year!

I’m also getting the chance to work a health fair to help pass out nutrition flyers and have children place food in their correct food groups. I’m so excited!!

I’ll keep you updated, however I might not be posting until the weekend. It’s pretty much my finals week next week so I have a lot to do!