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How Fabletics Stole My Heart

I’m sure we all have noticed monthly subscription boxes that are booming everywhere it seems. Whether it’s home items, makeup, clothing or food, there seems to be something for everyone. My former roommate was a Stitchfix fan. I will admit, I lived vicariously through her each month and watched her model the items and decide which ones to keep and send back. I thought to myself how much fun that was, but I couldn’t afford something like that. I’m a clearance rack shopper, especially as a student with loan debt and no income. However, there is something I have a weakness to and that is athletic clothes. So about a year ago I noticed Fabletics and thought about how I would love to try it out. Not only do I practically live in athletic clothes, but my future career is in athletics so you can pretty much find me in workout gear 24/7.

I started my dietetic internship in January and was located to a very small town that pretty much has a Walmart and JCPenney. I knew I wouldn’t be doing much shopping but still wanted to get my workout gear fix. So I thought, now is the perfect time to try out this monthly subscription.

Why I LOVE Fabletics

  • You don’t have to buy anything each monthfebruary pick
  • You get to see items before you buy
  • You can return anything you don’t like
  • You get points for purchases and reviewing products. Your points now go to redeeming other clothing items
  • You have 5 days to decide if you want to buy anything from the month, if not you skip the month and no charges are billed to you
  • The clothes are incredibly soft and thick enough material similar to Lululemon (no see through pants here!)
  • Customer service is great and they have a live chat with very helpful representatives!
  • I love Kate Hudson, need I say more

I read that the collections were 75% off and if you got a VIP membership you received all the perks above and a whole outfit for under $25. My first outfit only cost $17 which was worth it to me to try and get 3 items. Even if I hated them, I could cancel the membership or skip each month whenever I wanted. So I truly influence everyone to try at least one month!

So then each month you receive an email with your month’s choices picked out for you, along with more suggestions if you don’t like your specific outfits picked for you.

fabletics picks


I have partapril pickicipated in two months so far and skipped one in the middle.

Some cons to Fabletics

  • Items tend to be sold out if they have been around for awhile
  • Sometimes items tend to look very similar, which is why I skipped one month

However they had so many new choices for the month of May, I had too many decisions to choose just one outfit. I am torn between these two options.

fabletics choices

So if you love workout clothes as much as me, then you should definitely try Fabletics at least for the first month with the discounted outfits and you can always cancel!

There is no fee to join or become a VIP member, but these are the perks you get for joining as a VIP member, so why wouldn’t you?






Going Off the Running Grid

This is going to be a pretty real post and I’m entering a dark area of my past that I don’t like to do but it’s going to help a lot of people out there who might be suffering from the same thing I did.

My running career was strongly impacted when I was kicked off my college team in my last semester of my senior year. I thought I could just bounce right back and that it wouldn’t be a big deal and the situation would fuel the fire for me to train even harder.


Every run I went on, I would think of it and it got to the point where I didn’t want to run anymore. The anger of being treated poorly and the loss of almost every teammate I had just filled my mind. It wasn’t until summer that I truly began to run without thinking about the situation and could enjoy running again. I didn’t think it would be possible, but it was.

I realized my relationship was strained because my love for running didn’t run my life. The thing we shared most was our love for running, but when I lost mine, we grew apart. I couldn’t stand how obsessive people could be about a sport to where it overtook their lives. A memory so hurtful for me was his life and that is a part of our falling out.


However, things changed. I have let go of things that reminded me anything of the negative past. So I don’t use running2win  to log my runs, in fact I don’t log my runs really at all anymore. I don’t plan out my weekly mileage, daily mileage or keep track of the miles on my shoes. I don’t use my Garmin and I stop during my runs to take pictures of things and don’t feel bad about it at all.

I’m running free. “Run Free,” is kind of my motto in my life from this all. Run free of the negativity, run free of expectations, run free of guilt, run free of pressure, run free of judgment, run free of the past.


I don’t have to feel judged and am slowly bringing back the enjoyment of running into my life.

The con about the lack of running was that I gained weight. We all know it is easier to gain weight than to lose it.

keep focus

I’m lucky enough to have the tools to lose the weight but it still doesn’t excuse the fact that it happened and now I’m on the journey to weight loss. People tell me that they don’t see it and that I don’t need to. But I know it’s there and I know where I feel happy at.

The thing is though, it isn’t the number on the scale that concerns me. Because see, you can be 130 pounds and have a better body composition than at 115. My goal isn’t getting back to the weight I was at, it’s building muscle and losing fat.

So as I regain running into my life, I have also added lifting which is truly essential in any athlete or general person’s life. Once again, I am lucky to have the tools in this area as well. I have a great support system at work full of coworker’s willing to train me and encouraging it as well.


So a whole year later and I am finally bouncing back.

This post is meant to help anyone ever struggling with a bump in the road. A love of something that feels so unattainable to get back. It’s possible. It takes the darkest moments to truly see the stars. I’m bouncing back and so can you.