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What I’m Loving Wednesday #1: Fabletics, Tuft & Needle, Project Life

What am I currently loving?

Project Life

I have been using Project Life since I started as a graduate assistant at the University of Missouri. I didn’t feel like I would be blogging as much because there wasn’t much I could really put out into the world. The same continued through my full-time position, so I just kept up my Project Life. It’s something I enjoy doing and more of an exciting way of scrapbooking. Plus I just love all the cards/content to choose from to go with my pictures. I also have a sturdy plastic envelope that I put in each book that holds mementos, such as tickets, our score card from mini golf, etc. In my old book I had an envelope that held all my graduation cards, so I could look back on those memories. It’s super easy and fun to sit down later in life and look back on. 

You can find limited selections in Walmart, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby if you are local. I know outside of the Columbia area there is more of a selection. There used to be a large selection at these retailers but I guess it didn’t sell well in the area. But, don’t fret! I LOVE Project Life so much that I became an affiliate to help spread the love. So if you want more variety or are interested in the digital version versus the physical form like I have, you can shop over at (affiliate link)

Tuft & Needle

Okay, so we had had our mattress since I was a junior in college and it was one that you got with a box spring for under $400. At the time, it was perfect for me. I loved just upgrading to a full bed from a twin and was ecstatic. It was a birthday present from my dad and I was above grateful. Fast forward 4 years and I purchased a memory foam mattress topper that brought it back to life. But then a year later I started sleeping awful (probably didn’t help I worked a ton,) but I knew to start researching a bed. I knew I wanted to upgrade to a queen and my dad had sent me Tuft & Needle. I loved the idea of it showing up to my house in a box and being ready to go. Also love that it didn’t need a box spring (less to move if I move again.) I also had been comparing to other similar mattresses, but the price on this one comparative to the competition, sold me.  Plus if you don’t like it within 100 days, you get to donate it and receive your money back. It’s also made in the USA and I love that! We received our mattress in February and I can say that 5 months later, I’m still in love. It’s so comfortable and if you have two people on it, you cannot feel the other person get out of bed. I think that’s awesome, but my quality of sleep has been leaps and bounds better. 

I’m not affiliated with Tuft & Needle. Just want to share a product that I truly love. 



The last product I’ll post today is the Fabletics athletic wear line. If you know me, you’ll know that I LOVE Fabletics and because of how soft the clothes are (butter,) I always cave on a sale. I would say their prices aren’t terrible when regular priced, but when they have sales, which they ALWAYS do, you cannot beat the prices! But if you have never purchased Fabletics before, then you get a deal when you first sign up (can skip months or cancel membership after your first purchase,) which makes it almost too good to not try. I have a referral code right here (I receive $20 for those who purchase using my code, and you get an awesome deal,) that you could use to see what your deal will be! Currently the deal is 2 pair of leggings for a total of $24. That’s an awesome price, but I love the quality of their leggings/capris. Definitely pass the bend over test if you know what I mean. 

I chose a few of my favorite items quickly (as I could pin them all,) but here are some of my most recent loves! 




Project Life Affiliate Link

Tuft & Needle Website

Fabletics Referral Code (2 pair of leggings for $24)

Q: What are your favorite products lately?

Q: Do you have any of the above? 

How Fabletics Stole My Heart

I’m sure we all have noticed monthly subscription boxes that are booming everywhere it seems. Whether it’s home items, makeup, clothing or food, there seems to be something for everyone. My former roommate was a Stitchfix fan. I will admit, I lived vicariously through her each month and watched her model the items and decide which ones to keep and send back. I thought to myself how much fun that was, but I couldn’t afford something like that. I’m a clearance rack shopper, especially as a student with loan debt and no income. However, there is something I have a weakness to and that is athletic clothes. So about a year ago I noticed Fabletics and thought about how I would love to try it out. Not only do I practically live in athletic clothes, but my future career is in athletics so you can pretty much find me in workout gear 24/7.

I started my dietetic internship in January and was located to a very small town that pretty much has a Walmart and JCPenney. I knew I wouldn’t be doing much shopping but still wanted to get my workout gear fix. So I thought, now is the perfect time to try out this monthly subscription.

Why I LOVE Fabletics

  • You don’t have to buy anything each monthfebruary pick
  • You get to see items before you buy
  • You can return anything you don’t like
  • You get points for purchases and reviewing products. Your points now go to redeeming other clothing items
  • You have 5 days to decide if you want to buy anything from the month, if not you skip the month and no charges are billed to you
  • The clothes are incredibly soft and thick enough material similar to Lululemon (no see through pants here!)
  • Customer service is great and they have a live chat with very helpful representatives!
  • I love Kate Hudson, need I say more

I read that the collections were 75% off and if you got a VIP membership you received all the perks above and a whole outfit for under $25. My first outfit only cost $17 which was worth it to me to try and get 3 items. Even if I hated them, I could cancel the membership or skip each month whenever I wanted. So I truly influence everyone to try at least one month!

So then each month you receive an email with your month’s choices picked out for you, along with more suggestions if you don’t like your specific outfits picked for you.

fabletics picks


I have partapril pickicipated in two months so far and skipped one in the middle.

Some cons to Fabletics

  • Items tend to be sold out if they have been around for awhile
  • Sometimes items tend to look very similar, which is why I skipped one month

However they had so many new choices for the month of May, I had too many decisions to choose just one outfit. I am torn between these two options.

fabletics choices

So if you love workout clothes as much as me, then you should definitely try Fabletics at least for the first month with the discounted outfits and you can always cancel!

There is no fee to join or become a VIP member, but these are the perks you get for joining as a VIP member, so why wouldn’t you?