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In Memory of Claire Squires

I know I’m a bit late but I finally have time to write about this.

Claire Squires was just a 30 year old who had a passion to raise money for the Samaritans charity. She has been raising money in the past for this cause as her brother died from a drug overdose when he was only 25.

Claire was raising money for the charity for her London marathon. She raised about 500 pounds going into the race. As she neared the finish, Claire was unable to make it to the line and instead was rushed to the hospital where she died. She had an irregular heart beat and knew about it but it did not stop her from doing what she loved and raising money for a cause. It truly shows what having a passion can do where you truly die doing something you love.

After this event, donations came pouring in and now have reached 905,817 pounds! If you would like to donate you can visit here or click the picture below


So go and donate if you can! 😀