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2013 in Review

I guess it’s time to reflect back on 2013! First, some stats from Jetpack, which I found pretty impressive considering I have hardly blogged at all this year. BUSY BUSY BUSY.

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Now, what were my biggest moments in 2013? (In no particular order) and you have probably read about most of these if you have been following the blog and it’s journey.

1. Finding my personality again. I found my laugh and don’t have to hold back, even though I might want to work on holding it back during staff meetings when I can’t even get a sentence out without laughing. I’m a completely open person that is full of smiles and giggles and I can finally embrace it.

2. Taking risks and putting myself out there. Had I never sent the handout I made to the CPSDA listserv, I probably wouldn’t of been contacted to come work for Mizzou. But I made a decision to just do it and hope it was taken well. Not only did Mizzou like it, but my handouts have been asked to be used by the University of Oregon, St. Vincent’s Performance, Pepperdine University and a few other dietitians at various locations.

3. My job. I am blessed to get to work in a weight room that blares music and is filled with employees that enjoy life, are hilarious and have grown to be my second family. During my time off, I did go up to work just to hang out with them while they worked because I like them so much. 🙂 I love the energy and I get pumped up to go into work. It makes the 12 hour days not nearly as bad as they could be!

4. Relationships. In August, I traded one great guy that I was with for 5 years, for a Mizzou Football team. Hah, not exactly but being around the football guys makes things entertaining and their flattery is on point. Basically, I work a lot and haven’t gotten the opportunity to meet people outside of my job, but in 2014 I plan to change that. I don’t think I want a relationship because I don’t really know where my life will be after 2014 but I am living in the present and will let God make those choices for me. I enjoy my nights out with my new friends I’ve made through Mizzou and honestly, I like that I don’t have to ask anyone if it’s okay to go out with my guy friends. I can just go.

5. I’ve learned that age means nothing to me. This is probably the biggest moment in 2013. I have witnessed people older than me or my superiors even, act more childish than middle school girls. Mainly my senior year of my undergrad. I had some professors and a coach that helped me realize this point in life. Then I have met high schoolers and become really close friends with them and could not tell you an age difference, besides the fact they can’t go out with me lol! Most importantly, my job at the summer camp taught me so many valuable lessons. I learned so much from these kids, ages 5-12. This job helped me make decisions like ending my relationship to learning how to laugh and be silly again. My mom thought I would never want kids or think they were cute after a whole summer M-F, 8am-4pm, but she, as well as everyone else were wrong. When asked “are you so ready for camp to be over with?!” I got really sad and said that I never wanted it to end. Those kids were the brightness of my day and nothing warmed my heart more than having them so excited to see me the next day or their laughs at my goofiness for Wacky Wednesday’s and dressing up as a grandma for the talent show.

6. I’ve built a relationship with God. I always had one because I’ve always believed, but never truly connected the way I do now. I still don’t give as much time that I should, but I don’t think there has been a day where I haven’t talked to him about some kind of guidance in my life or when I have doubts about my future. I’ve had a couple of dreams recently that are completely crazy and too ironic or coincidental and I have to wonder if they are signs.

7. Running. 2013 was really rough for my running relationship hah! But I’m hoping to rekindle it in 2014. Like I’ve blogged about before, I can finally run free. A huge step in the process of it all.

8. Not backing down on your beliefs. Multiple times in 2013, I have made choices based purely on my feelings and emotions for other people and every situation has gotten me in trouble or even kicked off a collegiate running team. But I don’t regret one time, because doing the right thing is not something to be ashamed of and I never want to regret trying to save someone’s happiness or keep them from getting hurt. If someone isn’t happy, I can see it and I’m going to do everything in my power to bring their love and happiness back regardless of what could happen to me. However, I’ve also learned which situations I need to protect my own happiness, none of those situations affected my happiness, therefore I stood up.

9. Friends, I have met the most amazing people this year, whether they are my dietetics pals, camp friends, current coworkers, or athletes. I can truly say I am blessed to have met these people and actually have people to hang out with when I go back home. I have a second family in Columbia that is always looking out for my best interests and always ready to step in and give me heart to hearts when I need them.

10. Then of course this blog. I completely slacked with this blog because of all of my drastic changes in my life. It’s hard to talk about a lot of things when you, yourself are still trying to make sense of it all. But hopefully 2014 can provide more blog posts.

I hope everyone had a great 2013, I know I did and will definitely never forget it. Cheers to 2014 and all of the excitement it may bring! And of course a song. I would’ve put Death Cab For Cutie’s “The New Year,” but I actually do feel different this year, so it doesn’t apply 😉 So I’ll bring one of the other greatest songs for bringing in the New Year. Enjoy.