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Prep For the Weekend

It’s the weekend, here’s some information for those going out!

I honestly LOVE infographics and you will see many on this blog.


I will give you a nice view of my dinner the other night that Alex made.


As you know I cannot stand many vegetables. However, I found that I really don’t mind steamed green beans! We bought the walmart brand in the frozen food section. The bag you just pop in the microwave. It was only $1.08 and it was very tasty.


Wednesday’s run: 7 Miles in 58:24 [8:20 per mile]

Thursday’s run: 6 Miles in 50:34 [8:25 per mile]


Q: what’s your favorite way to eat vegetables?

Q: Were you surprised by any of the information in the infographic?

Enjoy your weekend!


21 and Drinking


Do I look 21 yet?!

So here’s the story about my birthday. I got off work and Jessica came to pick me up. We went to get Mexican food and ordered strawberry margaritas. They were AWFUL! Holy moly. You could not even taste strawberry. I had about three sips thinking it would taste better and it never did. The waiter wouldn’t even bring our check because I wasn’t drinking my drink. We are pretty sure he was trying to just get us drunk!

Anyway! I have received some awesome presents so far, but today is my birthday with Alex and then Saturday is family time at the Casino! I will do a post of my presents once I receive them all. I also promise to regularly post soon. I’m just having  a busy/rough week haha.

But I found this awesome photo that puts drinking into perspective!

source: women’s health