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Steps to Recovery

Alright, let’s get real. A topic I have avoided for awhile now is my running. Why? Because it is just frustrating and depressing and I choose to not think about it unless I have to.

Every run, workout, the thought of running, just has depressed me for many weeks now because I just know I’m not performing my best to my ability. Why? Because my IT Bands, hips, and legs in general have been so STIFF and got to the point of pain.

So I have taken many steps to recovery. These include:

1. Using a softball as an active release technique for my sciatica. So I sit on it pretty much right where the picture below is pointing. It sends sharp pains all down my leg where the sciatic nerve runs. Fun.


2. Foam rolling my IT Bands, Sciatica and Calves. Also hits the nerves and sends some unpleasant pain throughout your leg. Fun x 1000.

3. Stretching and lots of it.

Other methods I’ve used are using a heating pad on my hips/sciatica, icing my calves when they are sore and rolling my arches on the softball because they also tighten up.

As you can see, I have a ton of problems going on currently. But alas, my 8 miler I had on Sunday got a lot better towards the end and I loosened up.

week 3-19

I am now pretty much going to do another 38ish week with a 10k race on Friday. This is a HUGE deal because I have not run a collegiate 10k yet. In fact I have never RACED a 10k really before. I’m nervous but also extremely excited. So I’m just hoping my body can recover more before Friday.


can be.. #fitspo


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Q: What do you do when you get depressed? I try to take my mind off the topic and focus on things that are going well for me at the moment. I pretty much felt like my season of running was already over before it started and have accepted the fact that I might be done within the next couple of weeks because I am not that great, so I have really focused on my school work, grades and my future with dietetics. I’m making plans and things to help improve my internship chances. It’s kind of getting me excited about life.

Q: How do you recover? I have been doing all of the above and drink tons of chocolate milk post workout and normally a banana with it.

Q: Have you raced a 10k? Did you enjoy it?