Sorry, it’s time for a break.

I am going to apologize now but there won’t be much blogging/commenting going on in the next few weeks. I have a lot of projects/papers assigned and am going to try to tackle them because knowing me I will put them all off and then be stressed at the last two weeks of school because I didn’t start them.

Plus they are in classes where I have low B’s and I need to actually do a great job to keep my grades at B’s or maybe, hopefully turn them into A’s.

I’m getting the short end of the stick in my online class, so just in case that ends up being a B because of things out of my hands, I have to work harder in all my other classes with the other B’s and try to get them to A’s.

I hope you understand!

if you leave me comments I will respond and if you email at, I will respond as well there. So you can still talk to me!




  1. marathonmaiden | 13th Apr 10

    good luck with your work! it’s going to be crunch time for me really soon too

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