RoadID Giveaway + Hugs


Oh hey check out dem spandex. HAH I really need to get a mirror that makes me look as good as this camera does. It always seems I am looking into those circus ones that make you look short and stout. Not that I’s nice to look 4 foot sometimes. Who am I kidding, it’s awful hahah!

Another wonderful run today!

5 Miles in 38:15 [7:39 per mile]


Thoughts on the run

  1. Holy cow it is windy out. It’s also really muggy. Gross.
  2. I wonder if my mom is right, maybe the rain washed the stinky raccoon smell away.
  3. NOPE definitely not. I think it’s worse!! Especially with this wind. MY GOSH!
  4. I think I like stop lights because I get to stretch at these busy intersections. Maybe that’s why I do this route all the time?
  5. No dogs out Sad smile Who is going to race me across the fence?
  6. It would be wonderful if it started raining.
  7. Aw, I see this lady walking all the time. I wonder if she recognizes me like I did to her?
  8. Probably thinks “there goes that girl that always passes me wearing insane spandex”
  9. Ah I spy another runner. Maybe I’ll catch them!
  10. Gaining, gaining, gaining.
  11. CAUGHT!
  12. Nice basketball shorts dude. Real runners wear short shorts. No big.
  13. Dang, I thought the wind was bad going the other direction, this is awful.
  14. I’m giving up with running decent. This wind sucks and I am dying from wind burn in my throat if that is possible.
  15. Aww dog, you came back for me! I knew you wouldn’t let me down. It’s go time!!
  16. Dang, you always beat me. Sad smile 
  17. I wonder what’s for dinner.
  18. The Voice is on tonight! WAHOO, I hope Dia stays!
  19. HOME!

Onto other news. Have you ever wanted to hug someone through the interwebs? Well today was one of those days. My Mississippi State gals are so beautiful and wonderful and I just wanted to send them my support and amazing hugs because they are awesome hah!


Don’t mind my awkward pose and my awesome hair. I had showered slightly before this picture and it fro-ed out like usual. I didn’t want to hug the air so I hugged myself. But this hug goes out to my dear friends Haley and Renee. We are practically bff’s, they just don’t know it yet.

Now for some fun!!!!

Giveaway Time!

OutsidePR was wonderful enough to provide me with a gift certificate to get a RoadID. I had a RoadID Elite but once I saw the new version “Slim” I knew I had to get it! I have extremely small wrists and so the smaller the better.


To compare it is the size of a typical band such as livestrong, or my juvenile diabetes band. It’s also just as comfortable. I don’t notice it when I run which is great and I wear it 24/7. You never know when you might need it, even when you aren’t running!

Well you have a chance to get a RoadID too!

Here’s how to enter


Answer these questions (both can be in the same comment)

MANDATORY: Visit RoadID and let me know what model you would choose if you won

MANDATORY: Do you have any ways you keep safe on your run? I’m sure many of you carry your nun chucks in your spandex or short shorts just in case. I usually avoid running at night at all costs. It just creeps me out.

*Please leave a separate comment for each entry below

(+1) Follow RoadID on FB – click here

(+1) Follow RoadID on twitter – click here

(+1) Tweet the following “I want to win a @RoadID from MyFeetinMotion @samnicole

(+1) Visit Haley or Renee and check out their awesome blogs! You will love them!

That is FIVE different ways to enter! If that isn’t enough chances, then I don’t know what is! Good luck and the giveaway will end Sunday (19th) night! Win a RoadID for dad!



  1. Renee | 15th Jun 11

    you are so awesome! thank you so much for the hugs and the shout out. i love roadID. my friend Brent got me a road ID, i wish i wore it more because it is so cool.

    btw, i love your hot pants. did you get them at that is were we get our funky running shorts. you should see the guys….they look awesome in them. and yes, i agree….real men wear short shorts 😛

  2. lolzthatswim | 15th Jun 11

    Great job on your run. I have cheetah spandex so we can be twinnies!

    I would choose the slim model in pink. So cute and I really need to work on keeping myself safer running. I normally run on main roads with sidewalk and carry my id in my sports bra but this would be a hell of a lot easier.

  3. lolzthatswim | 15th Jun 11

    I follow road ID on twitter!

  4. Alyssa @ Life of bLyss | 15th Jun 11

    HOLY COW AWERHUAGIGAAH I'm excited! I have been wanting one of these something serious.

    I liked them on FB!

  5. Alyssa @ Life of bLyss | 15th Jun 11

    And I went and checked out cutiepie Running Renegade's blog. I'm loving her tagline, "Only in running shoes does my world truly come to life."

  6. Alyssa @ Life of bLyss | 15th Jun 11

    I Tweeted too. Cause I'm excited and overzealous.

  7. Alyssa @ Life of bLyss | 15th Jun 11

    AND I follow RoadID on Twittah! @aBLYSSa

  8. Alyssa @ Life of bLyss | 15th Jun 11

    I think I'd prefer the sport! I can't decide… either the Sport or the Slim. 🙂

  9. katierunsthis | 15th Jun 11

    I would LOVE to win a RoadID band! I am a running mama-to-be and with the heat of summer, this would be a great thing to have!

    If I won, I would order the RoadID Elite. I know it is bigger than the slim, but I like that it has one extra line of information that I could put on there.

    To keep safe on my runs, I try my best to run with a buddy. When that is not possible, I’ve always got my handy-dandy Mace.  Yep, I’m the crazy runner with the Mace.

    I liked RoadID on facebook!

    I follow RoadID on Twitter!

    I tweeted about your giveaway! (@katieRUNSthis)

    I visited Haley’s blog. Her frankness about her eating disorder is really brave and moving and I hope she keeps on the healthy track!

  10. KK | 15th Jun 11

    I'm with you – I'd go for the roadID slim.. and I'd probably get it in purple… cuz it's awesome.

    I usually make sure someone knows I was out for a run, so that someone will know where I was last. Kind of a morbid thought, but when you live on your own, who would know if I didn't come back?

  11. KK | 15th Jun 11

    Also, I checked out Renee's blog.. she's pretty cool too!

  12. Katie | 15th Jun 11

    I would get the slim, in orange!

  13. Katie | 15th Jun 11

    My safety tool is my pepper spray that my bro got me for christmas!

  14. Katie | 15th Jun 11


  15. Katie | 15th Jun 11

    I am following Road ID on twitter!

  16. Katie | 15th Jun 11

    checked out their blogs. 🙂

  17. Tara | 15th Jun 11

    Haha I love your thoughts! I always have the weirdest thoughts on my runs, but I can never remember them once I'm finished. I come up with some good stuff too!

    I would get the road ID slim in green, or possibly purple because it's pretty sassy. I stay safe on my runs by running in familiar places. Well, most of the time. When I'm away I've gone running in some sketchy places and I do not feel safe at all when that happens!

  18. Tara | 15th Jun 11

    I liked the road ID fb page!

  19. Tara | 15th Jun 11

    I'm following on twitter!

  20. Tara | 15th Jun 11


  21. Tara | 15th Jun 11

    I've been following haley's blog, that's actually how I got here! I'm loving your blog too! All you ladies inspire me because I want to run when I get to college.
    I just checked out Renee's blog for the first time too. Her experience with injuries is actually really uplifting for me since I can't run right now. I will not let this injury take me down!

  22. Devon | 16th Jun 11

    If I had a Road ID I would choose the Wrist ID slim. It's the perfect size, not to large and bulky and not to small.
    If I am running alone, I wear a cell phone holder on my upper arm with my cell phone. I feel its one of the best ways to stay safe. And I try to avoid roads that cars rarely travel on because you never know what or who could be lurking there.

  23. Devon | 16th Jun 11

    I liked Road ID on facebook 🙂

  24. proudpatriot07 | 16th Jun 11

    I'd love to win.

    I'd probably also get the wrist ID slim because my wrists are small- small enough that some ordinary bracelets fall right off. And of course, I wouldn't want my Road ID to fall off. The shoe one is a good idea too unless you rotate between a couple pairs of shoes like I do.


  25. proudpatriot07 | 16th Jun 11

    I also follow Road ID on facebook (was already following them before, though).

  26. proudpatriot07 | 16th Jun 11

    And I follow them on twitter (been following 'em there too!).


  27. proudpatriot07 | 16th Jun 11

    I also follow Haley's blog but don't think I follow Renee so I'll check her out too ;).


  28. Cheerleader | 16th Jun 11

    1: Slim wrist id in black–interactive model
    2: Do you have any ways you keep safe on your run? I always carry my phone, but on runs I normally carry my flashlight and whistle combo. The whistle end is slanted, hard plastic and sharp–it *could* do damage with my force, if it need be.

    I need to say, this is an AWESOME blog. I just found it, courtesy of being on Road ID on facebook!

  29. Cheerleader | 16th Jun 11

    Haley and Renee's blogs are great, thanks for the new reading material!

  30. Alex Zisser | 19th Jun 11

    I would definitely get the slim one in black like you have.

    In case of emergencies I usually just run faster and do not look back. I have run with a rock once though…

  31. Alex Zisser | 19th Jun 11

    I already follow Road ID on Facebook!!!

  32. Alex Zisser | 19th Jun 11

    And I already follow RoadID on Twitter!!!

  33. Alex Zisser | 19th Jun 11

    I just posted on Twitter too!!!

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