Races I’d Love to Run 2013

After coming to the realization I am graduating from college in May, I have realized half marathon season is coming up. This means that registration has pretty much opened up for the following and I need to start thinking about the following races and how to prepare for them once school is over. It’s exciting, but I will also have to come up with funding for the following.

rock n roll chicago half

Rock N Roll Chicago Half Marathon – July 21, 2013

columbia missouri roots n blues n bbq

Roots n Blues n BBQ Columbia, MO Half Marathon – September 21, 2013

rock n roll st louis half

Rock N Roll St. Louis Half Marathon – October 27th, 2013

These are three half marathons I am interested in! I have ran one half marathon that I just ran as a training run. I finished with a time of 1:45, which I had no idea I would finish that fast as I had just had Compartment Release Surgery a year prior. It was a huge accomplishment from only being able to run one mile and collapsing, to finishing a half marathon holding a consistent 8:00/mile average for the whole race and being relaxed the entire time!

After running the Go! St Louis Half Marathon, I fell in love with half marathons. I love the atmosphere, the spectators and the feeling of accomplishment while being surrounded by so many runners. Through my collegiate racing, I have found myself mostly racing alone because I am not Division I caliber. Road races are totally different because no matter what pace you are always surrounded by people! I just love it and I cannot wait to get started with my road racing career. I know collegiate racing was just the start of my racing career and I will continue to get faster and hit goals I would never have believed were possible!

But I still have an indoor season and an outdoor season of collegiate running left and it’s not over yet. I have to cherish the races I get the ability to run and take every bit of it in. 2013, each race will be fun, even if it hurts, the goal is to make it fun because I don’t want the love of running to be taken away! 😀

Q: What races do you have planned for 2013?

Q: What’s your favorite race distance?